Chem WS on Solution (Stefan answer Key)

Chem Worksheet on Solution Concentration. Show work, units, and proper sig. figs.
Block: _____ Name: ________________________________________ Teacher:
1. How many grams of thorium(IV) hexacyanoferrate(III) , and how many grams of water, are
needed to prepare
600. g of a 2.5% solution?
______ g
________ g H2O.
2. 0.275 moles of "X" are dissolved in 10.75 moles of solvent. What is the mol % of X in
the solution?
What is the mole fraction of solvent in the solution?
_________ mol % X
___________ mol fraction solvent
3. 0.375 moles of solute are dissolved in enough water to produce 1.750L of solution.
What is the molarity, of the solution?
__________ M
4. 69.91 g of KI are dissolved in 1996 cm3 of aqueous solution. What is the molarity?
__________ M
5. How many liters of 0.500M KI can be made with 1.250 moles of KI?
__________ L
6. What volume of 4.OOM HCI is needed to have 0.350 moles of HCI?
__________ L
7. How many moles and how many grams of KI are in 0.250 L of 0.350M KI?
__________ mol KI
__________ g KI
8. How many grams of KI are needed to make 250. cm3 of 0.750M KI?
__________ g KI
9. 42.8 cm3 of concentrated 11.7 M HCI are diluted with enough water to make 500. cm3 of
solution. What is the molarity of that
solution? (Hint: M= moles/liters)
__________ M HCI.
10. Give complete calculations AND DIRECTIONS for preparing 1.00 L of 3.00 M H2S04,
starting with water and concentrated
18.0 M H2SO4.