to view LASC Constitution - Red Hook Central School District

(Revised on May 24, 2007)
Article 1. Name.
The name of this organization shall be the Student Council of the Red Hook
Linden Avenue Middle School.
Article 2. Purpose.
The purposes of the Linden Avenue Student Council are to:
A. Organize student government within the limits set by the Board of
Education and Superintendent of Schools and the National Association of
Student Councils.
B. Increase the interest of students in school activities by having them in
part responsible for them.
C. To premote school spirit, pride, and awareness.
D. Provide service to the school, community and student body.
Article 3. Membership.
The Student Council shall be composed of all students in grades six through eight
and all faculty in the Linden Avenue Middle School.
Article 4. Officers and their duties.
The officers of the Student Council shall consist of a President, Vice-President,
Secretary, Treasurer, and Co-Historians. The President and Vice-President shall
be students of the Linden Avenue Middle School at the time of elections.
A. The President shall be elected by the whole student body. His or her
duties shall be:
1. To preside all meetings of the Student Council without the
power to vote except in the case of a tie.
2. To act as the representative of the Student Council at Social
3. To coordinate Student Council activities here in after described.
B. The Vice-President of Student Council shall be elected at the same time
that the President is elected in the spring. His or her duties shall be:
1. To serve as the presiding officer in the absence of the President.
2. To assist the President in carrying out his or her duties.
C. The Treasurer of Student Council shall be elected by the Student
Council members in September. His or her duties shall be:
1. To sign all withdrawal and deposit slips of the Linden Avenue
School Student Council account.
2. To pay all bills of the Student Council and handle all receipts.
3. To report to the Student Council at every meeting regarding the
state of the finances of the organization.
D. The Secretary of the Student Council shall be elected by the Student
Council members in September. His or her duties shall be:
1. To take attendance and keep the minutes of all Executive Board
2. To submit the minutes of the previous meeting for approval by
the Executive Board.
3. To handle all correspondence of the Student Council.
4. To take charge of all documents and papers pertaining to the
Student Council, except bills, receipts, and canceled checks
E. The Co-Historians of the Student Council shall be elected by the
Student Council members in September. Their duties shall be:
1. To go to all Student Council functions held in the school.
2. To take pictures of all Student Council functions held in the
3. To write about the functions they go to.
4. Their compilings will be displayed on Award’s Night.
Article 5. Organization.
The governing body of Student Council shall be the Student Council
executive Board which consists of the President, Vice-President,
Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Historians and students interested in leadership.
This group shall meet during homeroom each day.
B. There will be no one elected by the student body except the student body
President and Vice-President.
C. One or two faculty members shall be appointed as advisor or co-advisors by
the principal, and one advisor must be present all meetings.
D. The duties of the Student Council Executive board shall be:
1. To hold an election for Secretary, Treasurer and Co-Historians from
the Board at its first meeting of each new school year.
2. To hold meetings at least once a month.
3. To make committees for fundraising, awards night, community
service, and field day.
E. Students will become candidates for the office of President and
Vice-President by filing petitions obtained from the Student Council
Faculty Advisor. The names of all candidates meeting the designated
criteria will constitute the list to be voted upon by the entire Student
G. Students may be removed from office by the advisor(s) if:
 they have been disciplined by school administration by means of suspension
(in school or out of school),
 they fail to meet the demands of their duties in office,
 they do not participate in the activities scheduled by the organization, or
 they show a lack of respect for other members of the organization by not
following the rules of order for a meeting.
1. Candidates must be members of next year’s 7th or 8th grade classes.
2. Candidates must consult with a faculty member before giving their
campaign speeches prior to the elections held in late May or early June.
3. Voting shall take place in late May or early June before the Awards
Assembly occurs.
Article 6. Amendments to the Constitution.
This constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the entire Executive Board.
Article 7. Parliamentary Authority.
Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern Student Council in all instances in which
they are not inconsistent with this Constitution and in which they are