Exam #1 Study Supplement


Supplement for Exam #1

Possible short answer questions for Zoology



In the 1950’s the giant Nile perch was introduced into Lake Victoria in

Africa. How did this affect the native cichlid population and what ecological affects occurred?

Chapter 4.


There is a wealth of evidence of evolution. In your own words, describe the theory of evolution and its evidence.

Chapter 5.


How does speciation occur? Describe and give examples of allopatric speciation and sympatric speciation.


Define reproductive isolation and give five examples.

Selected items from Chapter 7.


Describe the evolution of tissue starting from a unicellular organism to triploblastic pattern of organization. Be sure to include the different forms of triploblastic patterns.


What is meant by protostomes and deuterostomes?

Some Key terms

Chapter 1. Zoology, Binomial nomenclature, Organic evolution, Endangered species, ecological niche

Chapter 4. Analogy, Adaptation, adaptive radiation, biogeographical, comparative anatomy, homology, convergent evolution, natural selection theory, organic evolution, Galapagos Island, Paleontology, phylogenetic tree, phylogeny, macroevolution, microevolution

Chapter 5. Allopatric speciation, gene flow, gene pool, bottleneck effect, directional selection, genetic drift, reproductive isolation- examples of, speciation, species, sympatric speciation.

Selected items from Chapter 7. Bilateral symmetry, cladogram, class, coelom, domain, evolutionary conservation, evolutionary systematics, family, genus, kingdom, monophyletic group, nomenclature, order, phylogenetic sytematics, phylum, species, and systematics