BRIDPORT CEMETERY - Bridport Town Council

Situated on the east side of Bridport off Lower Walditch Lane, the
Bridport Cemetery dating from the 1850’s provides traditional and
woodland burial areas.
In the traditional area there are multi denomination burial spaces
and spaces for burial or scattering of ashes. Grave spaces and
ashes casket spaces in the ordinary cemetery can be reserved
and prepaid.
The woodland burial area offers a natural form of burial in an
area of wood and grassland and is situated at the far eastern end
of the Cemetery. The site contributes towards the creation of a
sanctuary for wild plants, birds, butterflies and other small wildlife.
Trees, shrubs and hedges have been planted and pathways cut in
the field where wild flowers grow. The burial area is managed to
create a peaceful area in natural surroundings. Accordingly, a
natural environment is being created and developed that is
comforting to visitors and future generations.
Only biodegradable coffins and caskets for ashes are permitted.
Following an interment, the turf is replaced on the grave to return
the area to its natural state. Areas are available for the scattering
of ashes. As it is a natural environment, no memorial stones or
tablets are allowed to mark graves. Records are kept to record the
position of graves. Grave space cannot be pre purchased.
The area is non-denominational and welcomes people from all
faiths and creeds.
For more information about the cemetery - traditional or woodland
burials or interment of ashes, also for finding family graves, please
contact the Cemetery Superintendent on 01308 422687 or Bridport
Town Council, Mountfield, Bridport, DT6 3JP Telephone:- 01308