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Adult Sunday School at
Oak Grove
Sunday mornings
9:35 a.m.
Sunday School for adults is a pillar of the
Discipleship Ministry at Oak Grove. Let us
assist you as you seek to find a group in
which you can grow in knowledge and faith
and be equipped to serve others in the
Spirit of Christ. If you have any questions
about the classes listed below or ways to
get connected with a class, please contact
Rev. Susan Allen Grady: 404-636-7558, ext.
212, or [email protected]
New Vision
Young Adults
Adults in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. We offer a
discussion-based learning environment, where
members read scripture and discuss the meaning
and relevance to their day-to-day lives in the home
and workplace.
Room S105 (Youth Bldg.)
Our newest class! Adults in their 20s, in or finishing
college, or out of college and just getting started in
their careers. We will spend the summer getting to
know one another and deciding on topics we’d like
to study together and short term studies we plan to
Go Forth
Room 214
Young couples range from newlyweds to married
for 10 years and lots have infants or toddlers. We
choose topics of interest and actively participate in
discussions based on the application of Christian
beliefs in everyday life.
Parents of Young Children
Scout Hall
Parents who are often busy teaching Children’s
Sunday school classes or frequently out of town will
find a great home in this class—you just may not
see the same faces every week!
New Hope
Room 219
Couples with and without children range in age
from 30s to 50s. We follow a discussion format of
various topics taught by members of the class or by
occasional guest speakers. Optional small groups
meet for study and fellowship.
Christian Fellowship
Room 216
Room 212
Adults without children or with children in high,
school, college, and beyond. We utilize the
expertise of a variety of class members, class
participants, and guest teachers for its curriculum.
Topics have included (a) numerous biblical books;
(b) cultural differences and similarities with other
denominations and religions; and (c) historical
studies of individuals, groups, and events.
Room 217
Adults who are single or single at church. Led by
class members and guest speakers, we study the
Bible and various aspects of the faith, often utilizing
United Methodist curriculum. Members stay in
touch through newsletters, social events and
planning meetings as they develop a new vision of
faith in God.
Open Door
Room 215a
Couples and singles of all ages. We study the New
Testament in a relaxed, discussion-based format.
Newcomers are invited to attend class regularly or
participate as schedules allow. The door is always
The Renn Class
Room 215b
Single adults and couples, aged 50 – 70. We
share in Bible-based lessons from the Adult Bible
Study curriculum. Occasionally, the class chooses
to study an outside text, such as C.S. Lewis’s Mere
Christianity. The emphasis in on discerning and
living out God’s will. Eleven class members rotate
the teaching responsibilities.
Room 218
Couples and singles, aged 60+, primarily “empty
nesters”. We have a variety of teachers and
studies, occasionally for a series of several weeks
and on a variety of topics.
Room 114
Senior adult who are married or single. This
supportive and close-knit class has grown steadily
over the years, and continues to stay in touch by
phone mail even when members in ill health are
unable to attend. The class’s curriculum is the Adult
Bible Study, International Lesson Series, led by
various teachers on a rotating basis.
Room 117
Adults aged 55-85+, including married couples,
widows, divorced persons and singles. Known for
our robust opening songs, we enjoy discussionbased lessons taught by a rotation of excellent
teachers. The caring individuals in this class are
very active in communicating with members in
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