to the Welcome Pack

Welcome to the York Mystery Plays 2012 Cast!
Dear Cast Member,
We really are very, very excited in the Mystery Plays office and we truly hope you are too. We
are all in for quite a journey between now and the end of August as we look to tell one of the
greatest stories ever told on probably the biggest scale most of us will ever experience. There
are over 500 of you in the cast(s) with singers and musicians currently being recruited in
addition. If you include the costume making team, the promotions team and photography group
who are already hard at work, the stage managers, prop and set builders and front of house
staff, plus the teams at York Theatre Royal, York Museums Trust and Riding Lights we already
number close to 1700 people. Just picture that for a moment – 1700 of us coming together to
make this event happen, quite incredible, and every individual is as important to the process as
the next – so thank you for being involved.
So - this is your cast welcome pack. It contains important information (as concisely as possible)
and forms we need you to fill in and return. We’ve also got information in here that might aid,
improve or make your involvement easier so please do take the time to look through it carefully.
If we can help at all then we will do. You’ll know where to get hold of us I’m sure.
Who’s Who – page 2
April and May Rehearsal Schedules and information – page 2 & 3
Promoting the plays – page 3 & 4
Fundraising Ideas and Raffle Information – page 4 & 5
Arts Award Opportunity – page 6
The Press – page 6
Rehearsal Schedule – separate document
Emergency Contact Details and Media Release form – separate document
Who’s Who?
The Office
If you have any questions call Sarah in the office on 01904 715450
Liam Evans-Ford – Community Producer, [email protected]
Sarah Barnard – Production Administrator, [email protected]
The project is organised by staff from York Theatre Royal, York Museums Trust and Riding Lights
Theatre Company.
The Rest of the Artistic and Production Team: (as things currently stand)
Paul Burbridge – Artistic Director of York Mystery Plays 2012/Riding Lights Theatre Company
Damian Cruden – Artistic Director of York Mystery Plays 2012/York Theatre Royal
Alex Wright – Associate Director; Katie Posner – Associate Director; Ian Birkinshaw – Assistant
Director; Kate Plumb – Young Persons Director ; Amos Jacob – Young Persons Assistant Director;
Ruby Clark – Assistant to the Associate Directors; Moji Kareem – Assistant to the Associate Directors
Chris Maiden – Composer; Mike Kenny – York Mystery Plays 2012 Adapter; Sean Cavanagh –
Designer; Anna Gooch – Costume Designer and Assistant Set Designer; Richard G. Jones – Lighting
Designer; Craig Brown – Musical Director; Lesley Ann Eden – Dance Director
Janet Hull – Costume Supervisor; Juliet Berry – York Theatre Royal Head of Wardrobe
Ben Pugh – Event Manager; Jude Cloke – Production Managers; Paul Veysey – Production Manager;
Anna Belderbos – Stage Manager; Clare Morse – Deputy Stage Manger; Rob Gooch – Stage
Rebecca Stafford – Community Assistant to Liam Evans-Ford; Becky Dugdale – Administration Intern
Rehearsal Information
You should have received an electronic version of the printed schedule that is enclosed with
your pack. If you are yet to receive this, please give your details to ‘Query Corner’ or a
Mystery Plays team member.
If you are yet to do so, please let us know if you are unable to make rehearsal dates,
otherwise we will expect you to be at all the rehearsal dates we have sent you.
Please arrive promptly to rehearsals ready to start at the scheduled start time.
Be considerate of those rehearsing scenes whilst you are waiting for your scenes to start.
Please check rehearsal calls carefully to make sure you attend when needed. Every
Wednesday we will send out a reminder email with the coming weeks rehearsal schedule
included, so if you need reminding, please check your emails every Wednesday.
Please check the rehearsal venue carefully. Unfortunately there are few available spaces in
the City Centre that can accommodate our rehearsal needs, so venues will change from day
to day. Please check carefully where your rehearsals are based for each session and call
the office if in doubt.
Phone numbers to call if running late during rehearsal times are:
Stage Management Mobile (for all rehearsals) – 07795 527 767
Theatre Royal and De Grey Buildings – 01904 658162
Riding Lights – 01904 655317
Merchant Adventurers’ Hall – 01904 654818
The Hospitium – Stage management Mobile
For other queries outside of rehearsal hours, please call the main Mystery Plays office number
(01904 715450)
Please look after your Community Stage Management team – they are also volunteers and
are a vital part of rehearsals happening smoothly and running on time – they are also giving
more time than anyone on this project! Look after them and they will no doubt look after
And Finally – enjoy yourselves – a wonderful story with wonderful people telling it so make
the most of every moment.
Promoting the plays
The York Mystery Plays 2012 is a not-for-profit project, which means that none of the people or
organisations involved will make any profit, (and in truth are spending time, money and resources
into realising this year’s staging of the production).
The majority of the Mystery Plays budget is made up from ticket sales, which means that we need
you to help us sell them to your friends, family and colleagues, and now that you know which nights
you’ll be performing, you can start to spread the word.
Our aim is that everyone involved can sell at least 10 tickets – if we all do that then we’d have sold
half of the tickets available.
Whatever you can do to help us spread the message would be appreciated. The event will be
amazing, the plays are of course already a draw, but the real strength lies within our numbers!
If you would like any flyers please contact the office, and we would be very happy to give you some.
Book tickets on our website or call the York Theatre Royal Box
Office on 01904 623568.
Follow us on twitter @yorkmysteryplays2012 or @liammystery2012 and use #mysteryplays
whenever you discuss the event.
Find us on facebook – York Mystery Plays 2012
View out photos –
Our photography group have been taking photos of everything that has been happening so far, and
have taken some really stunning shots. Please do have a look at these and leave your comments.
You’ll also be meeting them all throughout the rehearsal process as they document the project and
work towards an onsite exhibition of their work. Say hello and get to know them – they are an
integral part of the project.
Fundraising Ideas
Now if you are yet to realise then it is worth saying – this project is huge! Not only because we are
taking one of the foremost pieces of world theatrical literature and producing it anew, but also
because of the scale and ambition of our 2012 production.
The aim is to make such a success of this year’s project that, as a City, make sure the plays go back
into a 4 year cycle on this scale in the Museum Gardens - which the whole city would benefit from.
There are many reasons why it has not been staged in the Museum Gardens for 24 years, not least
the financial burden connected with staging such a huge, open-air theatre production. To stage the
2012 production will cost 1.3 million pounds. Making the costumes for the project will cost £60,000.
Producing all the set will cost £80,000. Even providing toilets for audience members and cast
members will cost £30,000!
We will raise the money in a variety of ways including ticket sales, funding from the Arts Council and
City of York Council, other grants, sponsorship and commercial ventures, but we are also relying on
the generosity and creative thinking of our community.
We’d like to set a challenge that every person involved with the 2012 project can raise a minimum
of £20 each. Of course, this is not a requirement, but with a bit of imagination, we don’t think this
will be too difficult and would make a substantial difference. All we need is for you to take the
initiative and drop off any money raised at Stage Door of the Theatre Royal or make cheques
Fundraising Ideas
Hold a bake sale (perhaps at a rehearsal or Mystery Plays meeting)
Have a sponsored swim / run / sporting event
Sell Mystery Plays raffle tickets to friends and family (raffle information below)
Jeans day – ask your office for a dress down day?
Bring and buy sale
Host your own event – a bingo night? Poker night?
Fundraising Raffle
Over the last couple of months, the Mystery Plays team has been working hard to secure some
exciting prizes for a raffle. Local businesses have very kindly donated prizes of all shapes and sizes
and we now have over £3,500 worth of raffle prizes to give away. Some of our best prizes include:
An overnight Luxurious Spa Break at Middlethorpe Hall - 3 course dinner and spa treatments
for 2 included.
4x 3 month Gym membership at Roko Gym worth £800.
3 4x people chocolate tasting sessions at York Coca House worth over £500.
4x County Stand tickets to Ebor Races 2012.
2x tickets to opening night of York famous pantomime at York Theatre Royal.
Private tour of the Yorkshire Museum with Head Curator Andrew Morrison for 5 friends.
Family travel ticket on the famous North York Moors Railway.
Afternoon Tea at Hotel Du Vin with fizz.
A full list of raffle prizes can be found on the York Mystery Plays 2012 website
Tickets will be on sale at all rehearsals and at the York Theatre Royal reception at stage door, as
well as having designated days over the coming months where people can pop in to the De Grey
Rooms and purchase tickets.
As well as buying raffle tickets, we hope that this will be a way for you to raise funds for the project
and that you will sell raffle tickets to your friends, family and colleagues. Just head to the raffle
ticket desk in the afternoon today, or go to the York Theatre Royal reception at any time to collect
some raffle ticket books to sell on. You can also contact the Mystery Plays office for further details.
The 4 people who sell the most raffle tickets will win an invite to the Director’s Dinner – a dinner
party hosted and cooked by the two Artistic directors - Damian Cruden and Paul Burbridge. The two
professional actors appointed to play Jesus / God and the Devil will also be invited to the dinner.
Please note that raffle tickets cannot be bought or sold by anyone under the age of 18.
Arts Award Opportunities
If you are aged 11-25 and are participating in the Mysteries, either as production team, artistic staff
or as a performer, you can gain a qualification in the arts for your participation. Arts Award is a
qualification in arts leadership in which young people get experience of managing arts projects,
sharing arts skills, reviewing arts events, researching arts careers on a practical level and
participating in individual arts challenges. York Theatre Royal currently has 80 young people each
year achieving their Arts Award at the three levels and it has created many career opportunities and
Your work on the Mysteries can contribute towards a bronze, silver or gold award. You might create
a diary of your rehearsals, interview some of the artistic or production team about their careers or
vision for the piece, lead warm up sessions, coach individual performers to help with their roles, take
rehearsal photos, include programme and production photos and audience comments. You could
create a scrapbook, photo document, audio document or short film to show your process.
Each young person is supported by an adviser who will guide them through their own personal arts
award journey, devised to include their individual skills and interests. More about Arts Award can be
found at
There is a small one off cost involved in the moderation at the end of the process (£20-£35
depending on which level- bronze, silver or gold) but some moderations could be funded by the
Mysteries. Please note there are a limited number of funded opportunities – if you think you might
be eligible then please contact the Mystery Plays 2012 team. You will gain a certificate and a
qualification for your CV!
If you are interested and would like to find out more please contact Kate Plumb on
[email protected]
The Press
Please do not talk to the Press about the York Mystery Plays 2012 project without
permission from us first. We need to make sure that a project on this scale is shared with the
Press in a specific way and at the right times. Please refer all press enquiries to Thomas
Feeney, the Press & Media Manager of the York Theatre Royal,
[email protected], 01904 550149.
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