A brief introduction to how to write a paper

A brief introduction to how to write a paper
(for this class, at least)
I. Start with an introductory paragraph which gives an overview of the topic.
A. You may want to outline the points you would like to make prior to beginning,
and then use this to write the paper, as well as to inform the introductory
II. A very strong thesis statement will help organize the rest of the paper. Don’t be afraid
to say “The purpose of this paper is…” You can be that blunt . This sentence can be at
the end of the introductory paragraph.
III. In the body of the paper, you should address the points as outlined in the introductory
paragraph. These should be supported from the text we are studying. You can use
supplemental information, but please use the text we are studying. I have seen papers on
the Book of Mormon with no references from the Book of Mormon. You don’t want to
do this. This will hurt your grade. Bad.
IV. After supporting the points you want to make, for this paper you may want to
personalize and show how they have had an effect on you. After all, this paper is meant
to be used as a talk, and personal experiences are appropriate for talks.
V. Write a summary paragraph which recaps what you covered.
VI. Make sure that you cite every single quote and reference every paraphrase or
inference from another source. I need to know when you are saying what you think or
when you are quoting what someone else thinks. For citations, I can speak MLA and
APA, so take your pick.
VII. Grammar counts. Use you spell check. Use the writing lab. Have someone read
through your paper and make suggestions.
VIII. Use this as an opportunity to learn. If you are just going through the motions and
‘jumping through a hoop,’ it comes through in your writing. This isn’t just a hoop, it is an
opportunity to explore a doctrine in more depth.
IX. I will be looking for these things when I grade these. I am also looking for you to
teach me something. Again, use this as an opportunity to explore a doctrine more in
depth. Therefore, pick something that you are genuinely interested in.
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