Dr. Vijaya Puri - Shivaji University

1. Personal Details:
DESIGNATION : UGC Research Scientist ‘B’ (Reader)
: Department of Physics, Shivaji University
Kolhapur 416004. INDIA.
E Mail
[email protected]
[email protected]
Telephone number :
Residence: 0231-2691971
Official: 0231-2690571 ext 5230
2. Academic Details:
Educational Qualification:
Post Doc
Physics(Thin Film)
3. Research Specialization:
27 years Research Experience in the field of Thin Films, Materials for Microwave
integrated circuits, thick films, Optical waveguides.
The areas of research are Thick and Thin film microstripline components using different
materials; Ferrites and ferroelectric composites for microwaves; Synthetic metals for
metallisation; Manganites for thermistors; Microstrip components as vegetation moisture
sensor; Optical coatings for optoelectronic devices. Carbon nanotubes for microwave
absorption, metamaterials for tunable components.
4. Teaching Experience: More than 25 years teaching experience
UG: 2 years
PG: 23 years
Position Held
Pune University
Physics ( M.Sc)
Research Associate
Shivaji University
Physics ( M.Sc)
KIT college of Eng Physics ( Engg)
Warana College
Physics (B.Sc)
Shivaji University
Physics ( M.Sc)
Research Scientist
5. Research Guidance:
a. UG Programs: NIL
b. PG programs: Have guided 31 MSc projects up till now.
c. MPhil : Two. At present one is working
1988- to date
d. Ph.D: 6 obtained PhD, 2 have submitted and 7 are working
6. Research Publication:
a. National: 45
b. International: 53
7. Conferences Attended
a. National: 71 papers presented
b. International: 37 papers presented
8. Research Project work
I a) Project Title: Award of Research Scientist: Study of materials for microstrip
components in thin and thick film form
b) Funding Agency: UGC
c) Amount: Rs 2,25, 000 per five years
d) Period: 1988- superannuation
e) Status: Ongoing
II a) Project Title: Development and characterisation of thick film microstripline
elements for high frequency microwave integrated circuits.
b) Funding Agency: DST
c) Amount: Rs 5,96,720=00
d) Period: 30-08-1994 to 31-03-1999.
e) Status: Completed
III a) Project Title: Development and study of guided wave passive optical device using
specific refractive index layers deposited by various techniques
b) Funding Agency: UGC
c) Amount: Rs 3,93,000=00
d) Period: 20-05-1995 to 24-05-2000.
e) Status: Completed
9. Membership/Other Charge:
a) International: 1.Institute of electronics and electrical Engineering IEEE
2.Microwave theory and technique MTT
3. Components Packaging manufacturing technology CPMT
4. Magnetic Society IEEE MAG
5. Antenna and Propogation ANT&PROP
b) National: Life member of the following
1. Institute of electronics and telecommunication engineers IETE
2. International Manufacturing and packaging society IMAPS
3. Indian vacuum society IVS
4. Material research society of India MRSI
5. Indian physics association IPA
6. Optical society of India OSI
10. Honors/ Rewards:
11. Fellowship/ Post doctoral: CSIR JRF and SRF; DST Research Associate
List of publications for the past 15 years
1. Effect of metallisation process on the performance of passive microstripline circuits;
Vijaya Puri, Mw & Opt Technol Lett (USA),5, 11, 585 (1992).
2. Influence of electro/ electroless deposition on the properties of MIC; V. Surve, Vijaya Puri,
Bull of Electrochem, 9, 8-10, 485 (Aug1993).
3. Adhesion enhancement of thin film deposits by chopping; Vijaya Puri, R.K.Puri, Jap J
Appl Phys, 32, pt1, 10, 4699 (1993).
4. Use of metallic thin film overcoat to enhance thick film MIC performance; Vijaya Puri,
Bull Ind Vac Soc, 25, 1, 11 (March 1994).
5. Effect of ferrite overlays on the characteristics of /2 rejection filter; V. Surve, Vijaya Puri,
A.S, Vaingankar, Ind J Phys, 68A(2), 219 (1994).
6. Performance enhancement of thick film microstripline circuits by metallic thin film
overcoat; V. Puri, Hybrid circuits (UK), 34, 28 (May 1994).
7. Effect of thick film overlays on the characteristics of a 3 db branch line microstrip
directional coupler; V. Puri, Hybrid Circuits (UK) 35, 12 (Sept 1994).
8. Mechanical and optical properties of vacuum evaporated chopped and non chopped CeO2
thin films; R.K.Puri, Vijaya Puri, U.V.Nerle, P.V.Patil, Bull. Ind. Vac. Soc, 25, 3, 15 (1994).
9. Study of the effect of chopping on the adhesion of codeposited mixed thin films; Vijaya
Puri, R.K.Puri, Bull Mater Sci, 18, 3, 263 (June 1995).
10. Comparison of refractive index and adhesion of porous Al2O3 thin film obtained from
oxidation of Al in the presence of steam. D.M.Bendale, P.V.Patil, R.K.Puri, Vijaya Puri,
Comm in Instrum, 3, 2, 103 (April 1995).
11. Thin film TiO2 overlay effects on L- section rejection filter and simple microstripline;
S.B.Rane, Vijaya Puri, Recent Advances in Microwaves & Lightwaves, New Age Int Pub,
p401-406 (1995).
12. Adhesion improvement and intrinsic stress decrease in cerium oxide thin films by
chopping; P.V.Patil, U.V.Nerle, V.Puri, R.K.Puri, J. Adhesion Sci & Technol, 10, 2, 151
18. Electrodeposition overcoat improves property of thick film microstripline circuits; Vijaya
Puri, Bull of Electrochem, 12, 3-4, 145 (1996).
13. Refractive index and adhesion of Al2O3 thin films obtained from different process: A
comparative study; P.V.Patil, D.M.Bendale, R.K.Puri, Vijaya Puri, Thin Solid Films,
288,120-124 (1996).
14. Behaviour of parallel coupled microstrip band pass filter and simple microstripline due to
thin film Al2O3 overlay: S.B.Rane, Vijaya Puri, Active & Passive Elec comp 19, 125 (1996).
15. Study of microwave transmittance of mixed ferrites of different thickness & composition:
V. Surve, Vijaya Puri, Asian J of Physics 6, 1&2, 256 (1997).
16. Behaviour of Mg0.8Zn0.1Mn0.1Al0.8O1.8 under the influence of X band microwave radiation:
V. Surve, Vijaya Puri, Indian Journal of Phys, 6, 71A, 5, 585(Sept1997).
17. Comparison of adhesion and intrinsic stress of chopped & nonchopped ZnS thin films:
P.V.Patil, R.K.Puri, Vijaya Puri, Materials Chem & Phys 49, 2, 156 (June1997).
18. Moisture Ambient effects on an Al2O3 thin film overlaid parallel coupled broad band
microstrip filter; S.B.Rane, Vijaya Puri, Microelectronics International (UK) 14, 19 (3sep
19. Performance comparision of seven section parallel coupled microstrip filter using various
Ag thick film pastes: S.B.Rane, Vijaya Puri, Computers & devices for communication:
Allied Publishers; 445-447 (1998).
20. Transmission loss decrease in thin film optical waveguides due to use of chopping and
mixing by codeposition: P.V.Patil, R.K.Puri, Vijaya Puri, J of Optics, 27, 1, 33-36, (1998).
21. Behaviour of thin film TiO2 overlaid /2 rejection filter due to ageing of the overlay; S. B.
Rane, Vijaya Puri, Active and Passive components ; 21 , 297-307 (1998).
22. Some properties of electroless plated cobalt and magnessium ferrite thin films – Effect of
pH and time of deposition; V. Surve, Vijaya Puri, Bulletin of electrochemistry ; 14 (4-5) ,
151-156 (April-May 1998).
23. Study of Ku band properties of Al2O3 & Nb2O5 pellet overlayed microstriplines of
different widths; S. B. Rane, Vijaya Puri, IETE Technical Review;16,1,129-133 (1998) .
24. A Comparative study of the Refractive Index and Transmittance of chopped and nonChopped CeO2 Thin films, deposited by resistive heating filament system and Electron
Beam Heating; P.V.Patil, R.K.Puri, Vijaya Puri, Optics and Optoelectronics Theory,Devices
and Applications, Narosa Publications,Vol2,1330-1332 (1998) .
25. Effect on S – band microstripline rejection filter effects due to oxide pellet overlay ;
Vijaya Puri, Indian Journal of Eng & mat sci ; Vol6, 286-288 (Oct 1999).
26. A study on effect of line width, composition and firing temperature on the microstripline
properties; S. B. Rane, Vijaya Puri, Active and passive Elec comp.Vol 23, 163-173 (2000).
27. A study on sintering and microstructure development of fritless silver thick film
conductors; S. B. Rane, Vijaya Puri, D. Amalnerkar,J mater Sci: Mat in electronics 11, 667674 (2000).
28. Thick Film microstrip Rejection Filter with improved Q using overlay.; S. B. Rane,
Vijaya Puri, Microelectronics International; Vol 18, No1, 23-28 (Jan 2001).
29. Ferrite loading effects on electromagnetically coupled patch antenna: M. Sathe,
A.Siddiqe, Vijaya Puri, Indian J Phys. 75B (3), 175-177 ( 2001).
30. Influence of alumina overlay on the performance of thin and thick film microstrip band
pass filter: S. B. Rane, Vijaya Puri, Int J of Microcircuits and Elec Packg. Vol 24, No 3,
263-272 (2001).
31. Thick Film dielectric overlay effects on thin and thick film microstrip band pass filter; S.
B. Rane, Vijaya Puri, Microelectronics Journal; 32, 649-654 (2001).
32. Microwave related properties of fritless Ag thick film metallisation and effect of long
term air exposure : S. B. Rane, Vijaya Puri, Ind J of Eng & Mat Sc. Vol 8, 366-372 ( Dec
33. Thin Film, Thick Film microstrip bandpass filter: a comparison and effect of bulk
overlay. S. B. Rane, Vijaya Puri, Microelectronics Reliability , 42, 1953-1958 (2002).
34. Radiation Pattern of thick film EMC patch antenna due to Mg Ferrite overlay. M. Sathe,
Vijaya Puri, Microw Meas Tech & Appl: Ed J. Behari; Anamaya Publ, p 200-206 ( 2003)
35. Leaf Overlay Dependent effects on thick film microstrip rejection filter; R. Ghorpade,
Vijaya Puri, Microw Meas Tech & Appl: Ed J. Behari; Anamaya Publ, p 227-230 ( 2003)
36. Porous Al2O3 Cladded Chopped and Nonchopped Al2O3 Thin Film Waveguides: Effect of
Moisture and Leafy Vegetation. R.K.Puri, Vijaya Puri, Jpn J Appl Phys Vol 42, p 6892-95,(
Nov 2003).
37. Moisture dependent Ku band microwave characteristics of red soil: Vijaya Puri, S.
Darshane, S.Shaikh, Indian J Radio & Space Physics, Vol 33, p 399-404 ( Dec 2004).
38. Size dependent leaf overly effects on thin film microstrip patch antenna; Vijaya Puri,
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39. Leaf overlay effects on the transmittance of thick and thin film microstripline, R.
Ghorpade, Vijaya Puri, International Journal of Electronics, Vol 92, No 11 683 – 696 (
Nov 2005).
40. Ku band microwave transmission and reflection of moisture laden brown and black soil,
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41. Application of Carbon Nanomaterial as a Microwave Absorber, M.Sharon, D. Pradhan,
E. Zacharia, Vijaya Puri, J Nano Sci and Technol, vol 5, 12, 2117-2120 ( Dec 2005).
42. Response of thick and thin film λ/2 microstrip rejection filter to leaf moisture; R.
Ghorpade, Vijaya Puri, Radio Science, Vol 41, RS 2002, 1-10 ( 2006).
43. Composition Dependent Resistivity of Thick film Ni(1-x)CxMn2O4 :(0≤x≤1) NTC
Thermistors ; S.A.Kanade, Vijaya Puri, Materials Letters, 60,1428-1431 ( 2006).
44. Study Of Thick Film Ni(1-x)CoxMn2O4 ,(0≤x≤1) Using Overlay Technique on Thick Film
Microstrip Ring Resonator; S.A.Kanade, Vijaya Puri, Microelectronics Journal, 37, 13021305, (Nov 2006).
45. Response of thin film Al2O3 optical waveguide to moisture in paper; R.K.Puri, Vijaya
Puri, Ind J Engg & Mat Sci; 13, 549-551 (2006)
46. Microwave absorption studies of carbon nanomaterials synthesized from natural oils;
D.E.Kshirsagar, Vijaya Puri, M. Sharon, M. Sharon, Carbon Science, 7, 4, 245-248 (Dec
47. /2 Microstrip rejection filter behavior due to ferrite thin film overlay in the absence of
external magnetic field; V.Surve, Vijaya Puri, Microelectronics Int, 24, 1, 35-39 (2007).
48. Studies on undoped SnO2 thin film deposited by chemical reactive evaporation method;
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52. Electromagnetic Wave-Absorbing Properties of Pongamia Glabra Based-CNMs in the 8–
12 GHz Range: D.E.Kshirsagar, Vijaya Puri, M.Sharon, Madhuri Sharon, Synthesis and
Reactivity in Inorganic, Metal-Organic, and Nano-Metal Chemistry, 37:477–479, (2007}.
53. Ku band response of Ag thick film microstripline to NixZn1-xFe2O4 overlay: U.B.Lonkar,
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PANI/PMMA composite thin film, J.B.Yadav, R.K.Puri, Vijaya Puri, Appl Surf Sci.254,
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71. Microwave study of chemically synthesized conducting polyaniline on alumina
Synthetic Metals , 158, p883-887 (Dec 2008).
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