Junior Show Rules - Missouri Cattlemen`s Association

33rd Annual
Missouri State Fair Grounds, Sedalia, MO – June 12-14, 2015
Missouri Cattlemen’s Association show support and staff reserve the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and
regulations used to arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, or differences in regard thereto, or otherwise
arising out of, or connected with, or incident to, the show, and the right to amend or add to these rules. An exhibitor who
violates any of the following rules will forfeit all privileges and fees.
1. Exhibitors are responsible for knowing and complying with all rules and regulations contained within this
document. Any exhibitor who violates any of the rules will forfeit the ability show and will not be able to show for
two years.
2. The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association All-Breeds Junior Show is open to Missouri residents that are 8 years of
age and older and 21 years of age and under on January 1 st of the current year and are also a junior or
collegiate member of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association. The exhibitors must be able to handle, show and
control his/her entry in the show ring.
3. The three-strike rule will be enforced by the ring man. The third time that an exhibitor loses control of their animal
in the show ring, they will be tied and placed by the judge.
4. Animals exhibited in any breed division must be born after September 1, 2013 and prior to January 1, 2015. In
regards to cow-calf pairs, cows may have been born prior to September 1, 2013 and calves may be born after
January 1, 2015.
5. Rules for eligibility for each breed are outlined later in this document. All animals entered in the breeding
classes must be registered by the respective breed association in the exhibitors name prior to June 1, 2015.
Original registration papers must be presented at check-in. If you have any questions about the eligibility of
an animal, please contact your Junior Breed Advisor, Beef Breed Director or the MCA office.
6. Any animal with a registration certificate must have a legible tattoo that matches that certificate.
7. When entering animals, please use a separate entry form for each different exhibitor.
8. The entry fee of $15 per head must be postmarked by Friday, May 15, 2015; a late fee of $30 per head will be
assessed on late entries. Any incomplete entries, illegible entries, entries with no money, and entries with
returned checks will all constitute a voided entry!
9. There will be no reimbursements for entries after May 15, 2015. Reimbursements for cancelled entries before this
date will be made in amount of the entries. No reimbursements will be made for membership fees.
10. Use Gate 4 when entering the grounds (North Side of State Fairgrounds). All cattle will be tied out in the cattle tie
out area only!
11. Suggested stalling assignments will be provided and will be organized by breed. A diagram will be located in the
Youth Building Cafeteria. Earliest arrival time is 4:00 p.m. Thursday.
12. All animals MUST be in place and registered/checked-in by 6:00 pm on Friday, June 12th. Market steer
and heifer weigh in will be held Friday, June 12th from 12:00-6:00 pm.
13. Any animal may be subject to a visual inspection by a qualified veterinarian.
14. NO butt fans will be allowed in the barns.
15. Cattle will be released following the selection of the Grand Champion Market Animal, on Sunday, June 15th.
There will be no early releases. Points earned during the All-Breeds Junior Show will be forfeited by an
exhibitor leaving early.
16. Exhibitors are responsible for their own feed for livestock. Bedding in all barns other than the youth building will
be provided. Tie out bedding will not be provided. Exhibitors using the dormitory will be responsible for their own
bedding, towels, etc.
17. Points will be awarded to each exhibitor according to the MCA Points Program Rules. To view the full set of rules
for 2015 or for questions visit www.mocattle.com.
18. All class breaks will follow the Missouri State Fair guidelines. These can be found in the Missouri State Fair
Premium Guide.
19. Each entry must be shown by its owner. If an owner cannot show his/her own animal, written permission must
be obtained from the Missouri Cattlemen's Association for another junior member to show the animal at least one
week prior to the show. Exceptions will include showmen who become sick or injured the day of the show or
exhibitors who have two or more animals per class. When an exhibitor has two or more animals in one class, the
additional entries must be shown by other exhibitors showing in the MCA All-Breeds Junior Show.
20. Each individual breed is responsible for providing any awards and/or prize money for winners. MCA
provides Showmanship Awards for all breeds, including crossbreds. MCA will also provide Crossbred and Market
Heifer Champion and Reserve Champion prizes. In addition, MCA will provide the Overall Champion and
Reserve Heifer and Steer prizes.
21. Market heifers will be shown by weight. All market heifer classes will take place following the selection of the
Champion and Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer on Sunday, June 14th. Champion Market Heifer will show
against all breed champion steers for the selection of the Overall Champion Market Animal. For more information
on Market Heifers, see the Missouri State Fair Premium Guide.
22. Grand Champion Heifer will be selected following the selection of Champion Market Heifer, Prior to the Selection
of Grand Champion Market Animal.
23. In order to maintain a high degree of confidence in the MCA All Breeds Junior Show, the MCA show support and
staff reserves the right to disqualify any animal that have been fitted in an unethical fashion. Unethical fitting shall
include any injection of gas, air or other foreign substances, solid or liquid under the skin, as well as any cutting or
tearing of the hide or underneath the hide for removal of tissue in any attempt to alter the shape of the individual as
well as the attaching to the hide foreign objects including hair or hair substitutes, cloth or fiber for the purpose of
deception. Any animal found to have surgical alterations other than dehorning or castration will be disqualified.
Any attempts to change the degree of firmness of any individual shall also be considered unethical. Drenching or
artificial means of filling animals internally is prohibited.
24. T-shirts are included in the price of registration for each exhibitor. T-shirts MUST be worn by exhibitors when in
the show ring. Exhibitors must be in attendance in order to receive their t-shirt. Extra t-shirts may be sold
following registration.
25. Entry numbers will be assigned for each animal exhibited during the All-Breeds Junior Show. Exhibitors
MUST have the corresponding entry number in their show harnesses or clips for each entry. If using a
show harness, exhibitor numbers should be placed in the front pocket.
26. In order to reduce traffic and the number of people in the line up and ring entry area in the Coliseum, only
ONE person in addition to the exhibitor will be allowed in the line up area and on the ground in the
Coliseum per calf.
27. The MCA, breed representatives and volunteers will not be responsible to any person, individual, corporation or
association for any loss by fire, theft, damage or personal injury sustained by anyone through the negligence of any
person or group of persons, exhibits or exhibitors while participating at a MCA show or function.
Notice: Please read these rules carefully and completely.
A. Eligibility of Exhibitors and Entries
1. Exhibitors must be junior members of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, members of the Missouri
Junior Angus Association and must 21 years of age or younger on January 1, 2015.
2. Exhibitors in the Bred-and-Owned categories must be the breeder and the first and continuous owner of the
animal entered. “Breeder” is defined as the recorded owner of the dam at the time of service. “First Owner”
is defined as the recorded owner of the dam at the time the calf is born.
3. The name listed on the entry form as exhibitor must also be listed on the animal’s registration certificate as
“owner”. Joint ownerships are allowed on bred-and-owned entries, provided the name and member code of
the exhibitor is listed as “breeder” and “first owner’ on the registration certificate.
4. All animals must be registered and transferred to the exhibitors prior to May 15, 2014. The Date of Issue of
the registration certificate must be prior to June 1, 2015. Original registration papers must be present at
5. Exhibitors are to maintain full possession of their entries (family possession permissible) from the ownership
deadline through the final day of the show.
B. Show Categories
1. There will be classes for bulls, bred-and-owned heifers, heifers owned but not bred by exhibitor, steers and
cow/calf pairs. Champions will be selected in each category. There will be no Overall Champion in the
Angus Division.
2. Entries will be listed in the catalog in order of age (youngest to oldest), and will be led into the show ring in
order of catalog number.
3. Classes will be made up after cattle have been checked in at the show, not more than 15 head in any class.
Classes will not be named, but should fall close the Standard Classification in age breakdown.
4. Division champions in the respective categories will be named (i.e., calf, intermediate, junior yearling, and
senior yearling).
5. Show classifications for bulls and heifers: September 1, 2013 through show date.
6. Show classifications for steers: January 1, 2014 through show date.
7. Any cow/calf pair may be exhibited.
I. Calf must be cow’s most recent natural calf and must not exceed 280 days prior to show date (prior to
September 1, 2014).
II. Calf must be registered by show date.
IV. There will be no separate division for Bred-and-Owned vs. Owned Cow/Calf pairs.
C. Fitting and Showing guidelines
1. Only one person will be allowed to lead each entry in the show ring.
2. Any exhibitor who loses control of his/her entry more than twice in the show ring will be asked to remove
the animal from the ring.
3. Bulls 12 months of age or older must be shown with a nose lead.
4. All entries are subject to Rule 800: Show rules of the American Angus Association.
5. Under the Association rules each animal for which entry application (registration) is received, may be
subjected to a DNA marker typing or blood typing to verify both ACCURACY OF PARENTAGE AND
BLOOD TYPE as covered under Association rules. Staff of the American Angus Association must
supervise the collection of blood samples. If a recorded parent is excluded (as a parent) as a result of DNA,
the owner may request, at his own expense, the Association to determine the actual parent. Failure to
determine the sire and dam disqualifies the animal’s eligibility in the Angus Herd Book, and the registration
certificate becomes null and void.
6. Each exhibitor is responsible for having his/her animal(s) presented in its natural conformation and structure
without alteration or modification, except for the grooming of hair and hooves. The exhibition of cattle
displaying false hair will not be allowed. Painting of white skin and surgical alteration of an animal’s
conformation or appearance is prohibited.
Altering the conformation and/or appearance of an animal for exhibition is prohibited. This includes the
covering of white skin, false tail heads (or use of any false hair), with the exception of false tail switches. The
use of graphite, powders, hemp or other similar substances used externally are also prohibited. Other
prohibited products include those used internally such as steroids, illegal or unlicensed pharmaceuticals or
artificial filling. Any animal found to be in violation will be barred from showing.
All entries are subject to visual inspection and/or laboratory testing. The exhibitor of any entry found to be
in violation of the above rules will forfeit all awards and premiums, and may be disqualified from exhibiting
at future association-sponsored shows.
7. Any animal upon check-in, which does not have a legible tattoo corresponding to its registration certificate,
is ineligible to show. Once disqualified due to an incorrect or illegible tattoo, animals cannot be re-tattooed
and re-checked at the show.
 You must be a current member of the Missouri Junior Charolais Association to compete
 Steers do not require a registration certificate but must exhibit physical characteristics of an animal that is at least
50% purebred Charolais.
 Heifer registration certificates must be in the junior exhibitor’s name.
 All percentages of Chianina that can be registered are eligible.
 Both steers & heifers must be registered in the exhibitor’s name and have papers in hand at check-in.
 All heifers and steers must have a valid official registration certificate or affidavit issued from the American
Gelbvieh Association.
 To be eligible to show in the Hereford division, you must be a member of the MO Jr. Hereford Association.
 To exhibit a Hereford steer you must present a steer certificate from the American Hereford Association.
 All Heifers must conform to the rules and regulations set forth by the American Hereford Association and have
registration certificates in the junior exhibitor’s name at check-in. There will be no separation of Polled and
Horned Hereford Animals.
 Exhibitors must be a junior member of the Limousin Junior Association.
 Steers must be registered and be 50% Limousin or greater and be sired by a purebred registered Limousin Bull.
 Heifer must be 75% or greater Limousin and be registered.
 Both Steers and heifers must have registration certificates in hand at check-in.
Maine Anjou
 Exhibitors are subject to all rules and regulations of the American Maine Anjou Association
 All animals must be registered with the American Maine Anjou Association.
 Heifers & Bulls in the Maine Anjou Division must be High Percentage Maine Anjou (75% or greater).
 Steers must be in the exhibitor’s name with the AMAA.
 MaineTainer females must be a minimum of 1/4 Maine Anjou, and range up to 5/8 Maine Anjou.
 All females falling below 1/4 Maine Anjou requirement will be shown in the Crossbred Division, and all that are
over 3/4 Maine Anjou will show in the purebred division.
 The animal must also be accompanied by a MaineTainer registration certificate from the AMAA.
Red Angus
 Red Angus Classes 1A (100% Red Angus) and 1B (87% Red Angus) will show together.
 Steers must be at least 50% or higher Red Angus
 Heifers must be at least 87.5% or greater Salers and be accompanied by registration papers from the American
Salers Association.
 Steers must be between 50% and 100% Salers and be accompanied by registration papers from the ASA.
Santa Gertrudis
 Must be Branded or tattooed and have papers registered in the exhibitor’s name.
 All exhibitors must be a current member of the Missouri Junior Shorthorn Association.
 Heifers and steers must be 15/16 Shorthorn or higher. No exceptions.
 Futurity champion will be picked following the selection of breed champion.
 The Shorthorn breed will allow bulls to be shown, but no premiums will be given to the winners.
 Heifers and steers must be a minimum of 1/2 Shorthorn and can be up to 15/16 Shorthorn.
 All animals falling below the 1/2 Shorthorn requirement will be shown in the Crossbred Division and all that are
over 15/16 will show in the Purebred division.
 All animals must have Shorthorn Plus registration certificates in hand at check-in.
 All breeding animals must have registration papers.
 Heifers must be at least 7/8 Simmental or greater.
 Steers must be 50% or Simmental or greater and must have a breeders certificate present.
 Anyone showing in the Simmental Show must be a member of the MO Junior Simmental Assn
Foundation Simmental (Heifers only)
 All Foundation Simmental females must be a minimum of 1/2 Simmental, and may range up to 7/8 Simmental.
This includes percentage Simmental animals registered as SimSolution, SimAngus, and Simbrah.
 All heifers that fall below 1/2 will show in the Crossbred division, and all that are 7/8 Simmental and greater will
show in the Purebred division.
 All Foundation Simmental animals must be accompanied by an official registration certificate issued by the
American Simmental Association.
Market Heifers
 Shown by weight following the selection of the Champion Crossbred Steer
 Competes against the steers for “Overall Market Animal”
 Must be dehorned to be eligible to show.
 Must have been born on or after January 1, 2014.
For more information or with questions, please contact:
Missouri Junior Cattlemen’s Association
Phone: (573) 499-9162
Fax: (573) 499-9167