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Business Partners
2013-2014 Year End Report
Committee Chair(s): Pam Engebretson
Committee Members: Jana Vanderah – Wells Fargo; Julie Finn – First
Marblehead; Marilyn Kosir – SELF Loans MOHE; Carol Swenson – Great Lakes
Higher Education Corporation; Mary Feller – UM Crookston
Accomplishments: Provide exhibitor opportunities for both the fall training day
(eight exhibitors @ $100) and the MAFAA conference (thirteen @ $500) to share
their products with regular members.
Recommendations for the Future: fall training seemed like a positive
opportunity for exhibitors; some fine tuning of role for exhibitors may be needed.
It is nice to see our conference exhibitor interest grow and it should be safe to plan
for at least 10 exhibitors in the future (for budgeting purposes).