Current Events Assignment

Current Events Assignment
In the week of Jan. 31 we will be beginning our current events presentations. Each
student will be responsible for three presentations- one this term, and two in Term 3.
There are three different kinds of current events that each student will need to present:
1. International news
2. Canadian news (including BC and Vancouver news)
3. Science and/or the environment
For each presentation, you must choose one newspaper article. It is OK to find the article
online, as long as it is from a respected news source. Please check with me if you are not
sure. Each presentation should be around 5 minutes.
During your presentation, you will be responsible for:
a. Summarising the article’s main points.
b. Discussing why this news story is important.
c. Describing you this news story relates to your life and the lives of your
You will be marked on the following criteria:
1. Relevance of the article chosen to current events.
2. Ability to highlight the article’s main points.
3. Ability to explain importance of article.
4. Ability to connect event to your own world.
5. Public speaking skills (loud and clear voice, eye contact with audience,
expression and tone, etc.
Please find a news story that you are interested in, since it will make it easier to read it
with emphasis, and connect it to your world!
Here are some suggested news sources:
Canadian newspapers:
Vancouver Sun
Globe and Mail
International newspapers:
New York Times
Washington Post
Daily Guardian
News agencies:
Associated Press
BBC News
Name: _________________ Block: _______ Date: _________________
Current Events Presentation
Title of article
Summary of
article’s main
Why is this
news story
How does this
story relate to
your world?