Colloquium Center for Comparative & International Studies Spring 2016

Center for Comparative & International Studies
Spring 2016
Thursdays, 12.30–14.00, ETH Zürich, IFW E 42*
* Unless stated otherwise
arch 3 M
Lorenzo de Sio
Party Agendas, Issue Yield and Political Inequality
March 10
LUISS Guido Carli, Rome
Markus Wagner
Who Gets into the Papers? Party Campaign Messages and
the Media
March 17
Gijs Schumacher
Do Coalition Partners Drift Apart or Stick Together?
University of Vienna
University of Amsterdam
FRI March 18 Don Green
An RCT to Assess the Effects of Televised Messages on
Community Norms: A Field Experiment in Rural Uganda
Columbia University, New York
April 7 David Sylvan
Mechanisms, Context and Scales: Cautionary Notes on
Database Construction in International Relations and
Comparative Politics
Graduate Institute Geneva
April 14 Patrick Dumont
Portfolio Allocation in Coalition Governments
University of Luxembourg
April 21 Jeffrey Checkel
Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT):
Implications for Qualitative Methods
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
April 28 Alexander Coppock
Political Persuasion is Common: Results from
Randomized Survey Experiments
Columbia University, New York
WED May 11 Mark Warren
A Problem-Based Approach to Democratic Theory
UZH KOL G 209 UBC, Vancouver
May 19 Julia Gray
Not Signalling, Just Stalling: A Domestic Constraints
Explanation for the Signing of International Agreements
WED May 25 Alberto Alesina
Criminal Activities and Politics May 26 Michael Zürn
Legitimation Dynamics in Global Governance
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University of Pennsylvania
Harvard University
Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)