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Green Energy in West Vancouver A collabora6on between the Centre for Coastal Science and Management at SFU and the District of West Vancouver. Objec&ve: To share knowledge about local ini6a6ves and assess what prac6cal tools are available for local government to employ as they strive to meet the targets set out by Bill C27. Cool Neighborhoods Projects Eagle Island Thermal Imaging Electric Motors Leveraging Natural Assets West Vancouver Seawall Ocean Loop Micro Hydro Genera&on •  State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art generator •  Gross head: approx. 150m •  Pelton Wheel type impulse turbine •  Maximum energy output: 200kW •  Design flow: 0.18 m3/s Nature’s Energy Habitat Stewardship and Restora6on Carbon Offsets/Forest Conserva6on