Intergeneration dialogue through EVS

Intergeneration dialogue. Part II
EVS project, October 2013 – June 2014
Where idea is came from?
EVS project “Intergeneration Dialogue. Part II” is continuation of the current 6-month EVS
project which has been implemented in Donetsk (Ukraine) in January-June 2013.
Idea to work with different generations - kids, youngsters and elderly people – was rather new
for Donetsk and in some way it was our experiment to do it. The idea is based on our experience
which we got implementing our EVS projects according to which young volunteers work with
children, providing outdoor and inside sport and games activities for children in youth clubs, as
well as organizing different intercultural sessions, handmade activities sessions, so on. During
the work we noticed that when we work with younger kids (4-8 years old), normally parents or
the most often grandparents bring them to the youth club and they are waiting for their children
during sessions our volunteers make for children. Then we decided to involve adults – especially
seniors to activities with volunteers – physical activities sessions, language clubs, origami
making sessions, tea-drinking sessions, and presentations about the countries.
Work with different generations gives young volunteers better understanding of Ukrainian
people and culture, provides them with possibility to develop different skills.
Hosting organization –
Donetsk Youth Debate Centre is accredited EVS hosting, sending and coordinating organization,
who started to work in EVS field in 2007, and since then sent more than 30 volunteers, hosted
more than 20 long-term volunteers, and more than 30 short-term volunteers.
Aim of the project
The main aim of the project is to support development of democratic and open society and
promotion of tolerance and integration of young Europeans and local children and elderly
Structure of the project:
6 volunteers from Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Spain
Donetsk, Ukraine, hosting organisation - Donetsk Youth Debate Centre
9 months, October 2013 – June 2014
Profile of volunteers:
- young people 20-30 years old,
- citizens of Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania or Spain
- preferable with some experience of work with children or/and elderly people
- ready to work in team
- creative, energetic, full of ideas to bring them to reality
- good self-discipline
- strong motivation to learn Russian language
- ready for challenges to live in realities of Eastern Ukraine.
What will be the Volunteers tasks?
You can have a look on table of activities developed by our current volunteers on our web-page:
As you can see volunteers work in pairs normally and they can choose places and target groups
according to their skills and knowledge – kids, youngsters, seniors – they want to work with.
Among the activities volunteers can do:
origami sessions for parents, grandparents and kids;
sport and game activities for kids;
physical activities for old ladies;
intercultural sessions, presentations about the countries for all generations;
handmade sessions – for kids, handicapped people, parents, grandparents;
language clubs – for all generations.
Activities may vary according to the interests of volunteers, interests of children and seniors as
well as depends on possibilities of the place.
Besides, volunteers will be asked to take part in “office-life” for couple of hours per week and to
complete some small tasks, such as copies, delivery of post, welcoming visitors of the office,
taking part in meetings about EVS.
And the last but not the least – volunteers will be asked to make pictures and videos about their
activities and to write some small articles about their work.
Volunteers will live in rented flat, 2people in the room, boys and girls separately, in different
rooms. All the necessary equipment will be provided.
Monthly volunteers will receive pocket money – 80 euros plus 80 euros for food, besides
volunteers will get 10 euros to cover their local transport expenses. So, in total volunteers will
receive 170 euros monthly.
Language course – as this part of Ukraine is mostly Russian-speaking volunteers will be
provided with Russian language course. Depends on individual language level of volunteers we
will create possibility for different level of language groups.
How to apply?
To fill in the application form and to send it either to our partners - Sending Organization in your
country or directly to us by mail: [email protected] till 01.08.2013.
Name of SO
NGO Jaunatne par iesaistisanos (JPI)
Public organisation Actio Catholica Patria
Jugendhife und Sozialarbeit e.V., JuSeV
Contact person
Ms Sarma Brauna,
[email protected]
Ms Aiste Sunelaityte
[email protected]
Ms Ines Hecht,
Associacao Juvenil Rota Jovem
Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca
Project coordinators:
Ms Olga Sobchenko, [email protected]
Ms Oksana Dmytriak, [email protected]
Donetsk Youth Debate Centre
Pr Illicha 79-31
Donetsk, 83003, Ukraine
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ms Anna Ferreira,
[email protected]
Ms Oana Ticle
[email protected]
Mr Pedro Munoz
[email protected]