Syllabus BIO331 Spring 2013 - Missouri Western State University

Biology 331 - Bioinformatics Syllabus
Spring 2014
Missouri Western State University
Office hours:
Dr. Taylor Quedensley
Agenstein 237F
Agenstein 237
[email protected]
8:00 – 10:30 Wednesday and Friday. Additional times can be arranged by appointment.
Please email me prior to coming to my office, even if it is during office hours.
Class website: https://
Objectives – Bioinformatics is both the acquisition and the analysis of molecular genetic information. This
course will concentrate on the growing repertoire of software available for bioinformatics studies and will
give students an opportunity to design, complete, and present independent bioinformatics projects that
address biological questions. Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in BIO205.
Grading - Grades will be determined by the following.
In class participation:
Group phylogenetics project:
Two hourly exams:
Reading assignment summaries:
Genome project:
20% (10% each)
Grading Scale - 90% - 100% = A, 80% - 90% = B, 70% - 80% = C, 60% - 70% = D, < 60% = F
Class meets Tuesdays (11:00-11:50) and Thursdays 11:00-12:50 in Remington 208 Genetics. Attendance to
the weekly class meetings is MANDATORY. After the second unexcused absence, points equaling 5% of
YOUR FINAL GRADE will be deducted.
Course Topics (This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change)
Overview of DNA, RNA, proteins, the Central Dogma, and the types of genomics data available
Sequence Alignment
Proteomics and determining protein structure
Disability Accommodations
Students seeking accommodations must first provide documentation of needed accommodations to the
Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) located in Eder Hall, Suite 203. Once accommodations have been
approved by the ARC, students are responsible for notifying their instructors of those accommodations. This
should be done within the first two weeks of classes. Accommodations are not retroactive.
Academic Honesty Policy, Due Process, and Grade Appeal Process:
The grade appeal procedure is available for the review of allegedly capricious grading or clerical error by the
instructor and not for the purpose of evaluating the student’s academic excellence in any particular course.
For information on the process, see the MWSU student handbook. Academic honesty is required in all
academic endeavors. Violations of academic honesty include any instance of plagiarism, cheating, seeking
credit for another’s work, falsifying documents or academic records, or any other fraudulent classroom
activity. Violations of academic honesty may result in a failing grade on the assignment, failure in the
course, or expulsion from school. When a student’s grade has been affected, violations of academic honesty
will be reported to the Provost or the designated representative. For detailed information, see the MWSU
student handbook.
Classroom Professionalism and Behavior:
Each student is expected to act in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner and help maintain a clean
and safe learning environment for all. The use of any personal electronic devices (music player, cellular
phone, etc.) during class time is not permitted unless you notify the professor of a need in order to diligently
take notes. Turn all such devices off upon entering the classroom or lab. All electronic devices are
forbidden during examinations and may not be stored on your person or within reach. Stow all such items,
turned off or in silent mode, in bag or on the floor under your seat. Disruptions, disrespectful, or unsafe
actions will result in dismissal from the class.
Biology Department Late Instructor Policy: In the rare event that the instructor is more than 10 minutes
late for this class please do not leave the class, but notify the Biology Department office right away. It is the
policy of the Biology Department to implement a contingency plan so that class will not be canceled.