Vocabulary Sentence Creation Scoring Guide

Vocabulary Sentence Creation Scoring Guide
Using the guidelines below, assign a score of 0, 1, or 2 to each sentence. Focus on the content of the
sentence rather than spelling, punctuation, or grammar. You could add points for correct spelling,
punctuation, or grammar, but the total should not be weighted more than the correct usage of the vocabulary
O-Inaccurate or Missing Word Knowledge/Usage
Use of the target word does not make sense. e.g. “I was sustained to hear the news.”
Meaning of the target word has been confused with that of a similar-sounding word. e.g., “I
sometimes demise my friends and how they act.” “The extinction of my hair made it long.”
1-Partial Word Knowledge/Usage
Knowledge of target word meaning is demonstrated via sentence context; however, the usage may be
awkward or show partial knowledge. e.g., “Whitney Houston is my admiration; I want to sing just
like her.” “People should be integrity when they approach on the court’s bench.”
Potentially correct usage of target word, but not sufficient context to demonstrate word meaning.
e.g., “The weather was very dense.” “What is your density?”
Defines or demonstrates the meaning of the target word, but does not use the word in context. e.g.,
“Some people where I live try to separate black and white people from each other.” (discrimination)
“To keep something going, to not let go is to sustain.”
2-Accurate Word Knowledge/Usage
Clearly demonstrates knowledge of target word meaning and appropriate usage in sufficient context.
e.g., “I regret all my negative behaviors in the past.” “I have a clever friend from 8th grade who got
straight A’s every quarter.”
Please place this in your binder for future use.