SU Board of Trustees Minutes

SU Board of Trustees Minutes
David Suber – CP Democracy & Education [DS] – Chair
Georgie Robertson – CP Campaigns & Welfare [GR]
Kabir Joshi – CP Activities & Events [KJ]
Simon Campbell – Academic Affairs Officer [SC]
Manuella Schwarz – Black Officer [MS]
Luna Cottis – Entertainments Officer [LC]
Mohamed Taha – Post Graduate Research [MT]
Phoebe Fisher – Environment Officer [PF]
Peter Baran – General Manager [PB]
Amy Dawson Governance & Communications Coordinator [AD]
Max Lohnert – Academic Affairs Officer [ML]
Grace Wilcock – Campaigns Officer [GW]
Karmel Carey – Disabled Students and Carers’ Officer [KC]
Agenda Item
1. Minutes of the
2. Matters
PB explained that the audit accounts were still not
signed off due some formatting issued. These were
signed off by chair’s action to be submitted to the
Charity Commission by 31st May.
PB explained the current situation regarding the
BDS referendum and ongoing complaint to the
A thorough discussion was held regarding a letter
sent from the School to the Board of Trustees about
the complaint. The Trustees carefully considered the
details of the letter.
The group agreed that, whilst some points raised in
the letter were to be contested, there were also
points to learn from in the future. Training for next
year’s team would address this and a formal
discussion would be held with the School about
these issues.
3. Charity
PB referred the group to a letter sent to the Board
by the Charity Commission. This was regarding an
email sent out by the sabbatical officers on the day
of the General Election results and the use of the
word ‘riot’.
The group discussed the importance of this letter
and the sabbatical officers outlined the actions
taken following the initial email, including an
apology issued to all students.
Action: The Sabbatical officers to respond to the
Charity Commission and circulate to Trustees for
4. Financial
PB outlined the financial report, explaining that
although the Union is currently over budget, a
considerable amount will be made back from ents
scheduled for the end of the year.
He explained that one area in which the Union
overspent was registering students for conferences.
The group agreed that a process could be
introduced regarding how people are registered.
KJ raised an issue surrounding late licence events
and normal Friday nights. The group noted that the
expenditure had been cut by KJ this year.
A discussion was held about commercial services.
Despite the bar being down, the shop is currently up
due to the new coffee machines.
The group approved the financial report.
5. Operating Plan
Each sabbatical officer outlined progress against
the strategic objectives.
DS outlined the status of the online system
by which students can communicate with
their reps.
KJ discussed the sports survey and the
introduction of the Activities and Events
Coordinator. He also told the group about the
successful lecture series the Union had run.
GR outlined the pilot Guarantor Scheme the
School would introduce following a motion
being taken by the Union to the Student
Experience Committee. She also discussed
the Peer Support Network.
6. Capital
PB informed the Board that the School had given
the Union a final quote of £70,000 for the outside
area refurbishment. The Board approved this
expenditure as long as the price remained at
PB and KJ updated the group on the music
equipment project. It was agreed that this would
be a summer project with an aim for completion
by the end of the summer.
7. Plans for
PB asked that the Board raise any plans that will
impact next year’s budget. These were as follows;
8. Risk
Evaluation and
£70,000 outside area
£45,000 music equipment
Space campaign
Postgrad common room refurbishment
PB explained the system by which risks would be
identified and the likelihood of those risks would
be ranked in a grid. He asked the Board to
identify up to 10 risks for PB to rank and bring
back for the next meeting.
Risks identified by the Trustees were as follows;
Drugs – the Union becoming a place where
people feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Also
an issue of safety if people are taking drugs
on site, and repercussions on the union
financially and reputationally.
Safe Space motion – the way in which it is
9. Any Other
used could lead to reputational risk
Political reputation
The fact that PB is the only person
safeguarding issues around finance
Society financies – societies spending
money inappropriately
Sectarianism on campus
Rephrasing political activity
There was none.