Issue: Tuition fees

Issue: Tuition fees
Dear editor,
I have got mixed feelings about tuition fees.
On the one hand the money is important to balance the state budget and when students
have to pay fees they get more rights to decide about the university and what the state
does with the money.
But on the other hand tuition fees make education not available to everyone - and that is
what it should be! Education should not be just for the privileged people.
In my opinion it is necessary to improve studying conditions because it is unbelieveable
that some students have to sleep in front of the university to be able to listen to the
professor the next day.
Moreover, there are a lot of students who work besides studying and they will have an
awfully hard time.They already have to pay taxes when they work, so they help the state
already !
In my point of view tuition fees should at least be lowered.
I guess, demonstrations won`t help against this decision.The government seems to be
very content with this solution, but in my mind, students should fight for a new, reformed
university with improved studying conditions.
Yours sincerely
Pia Essenther 7c