Mission Possible: Ball State’s Student Veteran Newsletter Tuition Assistance Updates!

Volume 2, Issue 25
March 21, 2013
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Mission Possible: Ball State’s
Student Veteran Newsletter
Ball State University
Tuition Assistance Updates!
By Emilee Wolfley
Last week, we sent out an
email update regarding the
changes in Federal Tuition
Assistance as a result of
the current sequester in the
Federal Government. As
of last week, there was to
be no more Tuition Assistance for active duty
soldiers, Ch 1606, or Ch
1607 (REAP) students. It
affected everyone across
the country as 300,000
soldiers used the benefits
last year to pay their
college tuition. Due to the
amount of outrage,
Congress has decided to
try to deal with the problem as soon as it could.
Senator Jim Inofhe, R-OK,
sponsor of the amendment
to the bill proposed that
military officials could cut
the program only by the
amount mandated under
sequestration, which is 8%.
Therefore, the program
will not be phased out.
The House and the Senate
have approved the new
measure as of today as part
of the new funding bill.
Basically, Congress found
some extra money and
moved it to provide
Tuition Assistance once
again. The bill will be sent
to the President to be
signed into law within the
week most likely. Therefore, the bill should
reinstate all Tuition
Assistance programs and
monies as normal. It will
hopefully go into effect
within the month.
Hooray!!!! Go out and celebrate because you can stay
in school! : )