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Application for advertising for research participants
Form contents
If you are a researcher at postgraduate level and beyond and seeking participants,
we may be able to advertise your appeal for participants on the Research Autism
website and social media channels.
Every effort will be made to facilitate research proposals which will benefit autistic
children or adults or their families. Please note however, that due to the volume of
expressions of interest in the area of autism research, if we decide that your proposal
does not, for whatever reason, meet the criteria we have for engaging our
members, clients and other stakeholders in assisting with research, we reserve the
right to decline your application without entering into correspondence.
We will:
 Require you to provide a copy of your ethical approval letter before we can
advertise your research (we will contact you about this if required)
 Require you to submit a 150 word (max) lay summary to act as an
advertisement for participants.
 Require you to submit a written report to us after completion of the project.
 Require you to ascertain and comply with any requirements regarding child
or adult protection that may arise in the course of your research.
By completing the form below, you are agreeing to these terms. We will act as
quickly as possible on your request.
Please return this form to
1. Level of research project
(Postgraduate, e.g. MA; MSc; PhD etc).
Please note that undergraduate research proposals will not be accepted.
2. Project title
3. Project description
Please describe the project in no more than 150 words.
(We suggest you use this section to 'sell' your request to potential participants.
It is helpful for participants to know if they need to travel to you, if researchers can
go to them (or both) and if travel costs, etc. can be reimbursed. It is important that
you give careful thought to how you will involve the autism community in your
RA: Research participant form - revised February 2015
You should also indicate how participants should contact you - via online form,
phone and/or email.)
4. Objective (research question)
5. Design (methods)
6. Populations
(Please indicate here if you are advertising for participants with a specific diagnosis such as Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism - or from a certain age range,
e.g. adult 16+ -males or females or if you have specific inclusion/exclusion criteria)
7. Main outcome measure(s)
8. Names and status of researcher(s) involved
9. Main contact address
10. Telephone
12. Email address
13. Website
14. Other organisations involved
15. Funding bodies (if any)
16. Details of ethical approval
17. Do you agree to publication of all findings regardless of outcome?
18. Starting date of project
19. Will your research be subject to peer-review?
20. Expected completion date
21. Publications already produced, in press, or in preparation
22. Will you require attachments to be added to your request or links?
RA: Research participant form - revised February 2015
e.g. downloadable form for people to complete offline and send to you? If so we
will contact you separately on this issue.
24. I confirm that I will submit a written report to Research Autism on completion of
the research project
25. Is there any other relevant information you think might help us to process your
Version control: Amended by BF on 9 June 2015.
RA: Research participant form - revised February 2015