Chapter 1/Section 1

Chapter 1/Section 1: “The First People”
Ancient world History Reading Questions
Pages 4-11 Mr. don Owens Room 306
Read the section and then use descriptive answers on the below
questions. NO “ONE or TWO word answers!
Inside Story:
Who was Mary Leakey?
What did she do that was so important?
Studying the Distant Past:
How far back does human history go?
What is anthropology?
What is a fossil?
What is culture? (Five parts)
What are artifacts?
What is a dig?
Human Origins:
What is “Nutcracker Man”
What is a hominid?
Who was Donald Johansen?
What did he discover?
Using page 7 describe the below hominids:
Homo Habilis:
Homo Erectus:
Homo Sapien:
What does Homo sapien mean?
Spreading Around the World:
What does migrate mean?
When was the Ice Age?
What happened during this period?
Most scientists believe early man developed where?
By what time had humans migrated to all continents but Antarctica?
Who were Neanderthals?
When did they appear?
Who were Cro-Magnons?
When did they appear?
Life in the Stone Age:
What is the Paleolithic Era?
When did it occur?
What are nomads?
What are hunter-gatherers?
What is technology?
What did this allow prehistoric man to do?
Give three examples of Stone Age technologies:
How did Stone Age peoples adapt to their environments?
What is a society?
Give three examples of Stone Age art:
What is animism?
Why do we believe Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons believed in an
Using page 9 Forensics in History:
How many people migrated out of Africa 50,000 to 70,000 years ago?
All human beings are what percentage/% identical?
Using page 10 “Reading like a Historian:”
What was found in Lascaux Cave in France?
Why was this important?
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