Create A MU Career Manager Job Agent

Create A MU Career Manager Job Agent
[email protected] ∙ DS 277 ∙ (414) 288-7927
Start by clicking
‘Job Search’
Basic Search
Advanced Search
This will take you to the job
search page. They’re two
ways in which you can
search, a basic search or an
advanced search
For a basic search,
simply type in a
keyword and select a
position time. (For
example: “marketing
Another way to search is
through the advanced
search option. This is
helpful is you want to add
search criteria.
-Search by state and
then evaluate cities as
you review the search
-Use state abbreviations
(example: WI for
The keyword
field will search
for the keywords
anywhere in the
job title or
Search for jobs vs.
Industry searches by
the nature of the
You can also
search by
citizenship status!
Job category searches by
the nature of a role
Employers have to enter
this category field for each
job postings so using this
field in a search can be
-You can also search by major. Employers do not have to enter
this field when creating a job
-We recommend searching with
one or more job categories
Once you have
finished adding
search criteria,
click the search
Click the “Email Me
New Jobs” link to
create a job agent
based on your
search criteria
You can access existing
job agents in the
section called “My
Click on the “Job
Agent’ tab to
view your job
You can create as
many job agents as
you wish, and can
have multiple agents
sent in one email
Here is an example of
what a job agent email
looks like!
You can see 32 new
marketing internships
have been posted on
this particular day