Rules and Regulations (and some suggestions

waterloo region
Rules and Regulations (and some suggestions!)
The following rules and regulations govern your participation in the 2007 Canstruction
competition in Waterloo, Ontario. Some suggestions to assist you in your Canstruction
build have also been included. Please read carefully – any questions can be directed to
the canstruction committee at 519-743-5576 ext.222.
Your team:
Maximum size of the official team that actually builds the structure is five (5)
people. Only 5 people will be permitted to build at one time: including those who
are un-boxing cans, organizing cans, cutting foam-core and other materials, etc.
Teams may swap out members and are allowed a maximum of 15 minutes for
transition. Regardless of how many people in your organization participate, five
people must be selected as the official team members. These are the folks who
will receive name tags with team ribbons the night of the gala, and whose names
will appear on the signage accompanying your structure.
Your team must have a captain (and only one).
Your team should include at least one individual with a background and
experience in either architecture or engineering.
Your Canstruction structure:
The maximum size of any construction is 3 meters (10 feet) in length, 3 meters
(10 feet) in width, and 1.8 metres (6 feet) in height.
Your team must provide a sketch or computer image and dimensions of the
structure by June 1, 2007. Please fax this information to the attention of:
construction 519-743-8965 or email Please do not
send CAD files.
Aluminum food cans of any size may be used. Some food manufacturers are
switching to plastic – if you’re using plastic, make sure they can take the pressure
of cans from above.
Glass containers are NOT allowed. Pet food is NOT allowed. Alcoholic
beverages are NOT allowed. Opened or exposed food is NOT allowed.
Use of pop or junk food are not encouraged. Depending on the judges, you run the
risk that they will penalize your team for the use of non-nutritional items.
Remember, the food bank needs nutritional food, not junk food. Make every
effort in designing your structure to use edible, nutritious foods.
Cans must be full, unopened, and with labels intact and legible. Labels MAY
NOT be covered, stripped off or altered in any way.
Boxes are strongly discouraged. The name of the competition is CAN-struction.
Props are strongly discouraged. The judges will look for pure food structures.
Try to solve all design problems with food items. All things equal, a structure
with props will lose out when judged against a structure with no props. For
example, a structure may have eyes – one entry uses cans with black labels to
make eyes; another entry cuts out black circles of paper for eyes. The judges will
looks favourably on the structure that uses only cans.
Structures MUST be structurally self-supporting. NO 2X4’s, NO half-inch
plywood, NO half-inch thick tubing, NO metal. You MAY use one-quarter inch
thick foam-core, cardboard, masonite, plywood, plexiglass – for the purpose of
leveling or balancing materials and NOT as load bearing. Cardboard tubes used
as guides must also be limited to one-quarter inch thick. A structure where the ¼
inch leveling material cannot be seen will be judged as superior to a structure
where it is in plain sight.
Velcro, clear and double-faced tape may be used. High-tension rubber bands,
nylon string, wire and tie-backs may be used. Permanent adhesives, on the other
hand, may NOT be used.
Acquiring your cans:
Your team is responsible for obtaining your own supply of canned goods. You
might want to consider a “can drive” in your place of employment to provide you
with the right kinds of cans – that’s a way for all staff in your business to be
involved in the project.
All canned goods must be purchased and ready for delivery to Conestoga Mall by
June 22, 2007. The Food Bank of Waterloo Region will have volunteers available
to help facilitate food delivery if required.
The Food Bank of Waterloo Region will be making arrangements to purchase
canned goods at a discounted price through local suppliers – stay tuned for
Cans should be packed in sturdy cartons and labeled with your team or company
name and the mall location number that you’ve been assigned.
One of your team members should go to the site to make sure all the cans have
been delivered on June 22, 2007 (times to be determined) If anything is missing,
you have that day to find it and/or get it delivered.
Save all packing boxes. Boxes must be used to repack cans at the end of the
competition. Bring additional packing boxes to the site for de-canstruction.
Can Information:
Each team will be asked to supply a detailed “shopping list” of all cans by June 1,
2007. Please include the following…..
o The name and quantity of each food product
o Total number of cartons
o Total number of cans
o Total cost, whether purchased or donated
o Any other interesting information about your structure!
The “Build”:
Your team should visit their assigned site in advance of the build date, to
determine if there are any problems in positioning your entry in the space
provided. You may want to consider a plywood or masonite base.
The “build” begins at 8:00am on June 23. Please arrive on time as time is limited.
You have 10 hours to build your structure – you must be finished by 6:00pm.
Try to do as much prefabrication of foam core cutting or other special materials
you require prior to the day of the build. If you have a chance to practice building
your structure before the official build, you may want to take that opportunity.
Bring plenty of extra supplies (tape, scissors, foam-core, cardboard). Over
Bring a ladder if you are building a tall structure.
When your Canstruction structure is completely finished send a representative of
your team to the onsite Canstruction manager to sign out.
Call to make sure your structure is standing the next morning! If it looks like it is
structurally unsound, sagging, slipping, etc, the Canstruction manager will call
you. Be prepared to go over and fix it immediately.
The judges will be local individuals and some may be involved in engineering,
architectural, and design fields.
The judging will take place on Sunday June 24. Your team does not need to be
present during the judging.
The judges will interpret the rules and regulations in making their decisions.
The Gala:
The gala to announce the awards and to celebrate the excellence of the structures
will be held on June 24, 2007.(in the evening – more details to follow)
Awards will be given in the following categories:
o Judges favourite
o Structural Integrity
o Best use of Labels
o Best Meal
o Peoples Choice – As voted by public June 24-June 28
The Public Display:
After the judging, the entries will be identified and available for viewing by visitors
to the mall and for voting for the “Peoples Choice” award!
Your structure will have a 30x24 foam-core board that sits adjacent to your entry and
will include your structure name, company and a brief write-up describing your
structure. You’ll receive information about the layout that is to be used for this
Yes, you are responsible for “undoing” your structure!
Your entry must be taken down and packed in boxes for pick-up – details will be
provided on dates and times for decanstruction.