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Helpful Hints
Sales & Promotion:
Ask permission to place Luminaria order forms in bank statements, payroll
envelopes, pharmacy bags, company and faith-based newsletters, the
newspaper, waiting room tables of doctor offices, and on pizza boxes.
Work with Marketing/Communications Chair to send media PSA’s, place your
Luminaria form in the local newspaper, and volunteer to speak on radio or TV
Make posters for your sales opportunities and use pictures from previous
Relays to show what the ceremony is about. Ask your Staff Partner about
these blank printed materials:
 8-1/2” x 11” Newsletter Paper - portrait (#6636.18)
 8-1/2” x 5.5” finished size RFL Event Program paper – folds in half
 8-1/2” x 11” RFL yellow bordered paper - landscape (#7549.53)
Make sure all underwriters/sponsors are given an ample supply of forms for
their employees.
Give forms to team captains and/or include them in the Team Captain packet.
Work with your Staff Partner and Event Accounting Chair to arrange deposits
of Luminaria money received.
Set up a table at Team Captain Meetings/Bank Nights to sell Luminarias and
show pictures from past Relays.
Work with your Team Development Committee to email Team Captains about
the Luminaria Ceremony. Be sure to attach the Luminaria donation form.
If your Relay is an online event, encourage online Luminaria donation options
and, if necessary, attach the offline Luminaria donation form to the Luminaria
custom page in the left navigation bar.
Have a contingency plan if it rains prior to or during the Luminaria Ceremony.
Decide what to do with left-over Luminaria candles (some folks hesitate
throwing away partially-used candles)
Write the names large and legible for everyone to read.
Fold down the top or cut off the top of the bag at least two inches to help them
stand up better.
Stand wicks up as candles are placed in bags.
Freeze the candles, they will burn longer.
Make sure the sand is DRY otherwise your bag will burst.
If your Relay expects rain or would like quicker clean-up, pre-pack your sand
in snack-size Ziploc bags.
Use plastic coke bottles or other container (preferably not glass) to place the
candles in to protect them from the wind.
Place enough sand in the bag or container so that your candle, glow stick or
battery operated candle will stand upright.
Use golf carts or wagons to transport Luminaria around the track.
For events that have a small Luminaria Committee, you may want to set up a
self-decoration area for bags sold at the event and have the person set the
bag on the track so they will be able to locate it later.
Space bags as evenly as possible around track.
Arrange luminaria bags with names inside the track and on the outer edge of
the track. If you have enough luminaria, utilize blank bags to spell a special
message in the stands (i.e., HOPE, CURE, LIFE, FAITH, BELIEVE, FIGHT
 Turn off stadium lights during Ceremony. Announce warnings of the light
outage at 15, 10, and 5 minutes prior to the Ceremony.
 Ask everyone to stop walking or keep one light on if possible to avoid
 Ask parents to quiet their young children, if necessary.
 Remember it usually takes about 10 minutes for the stadium lights to relight.
Name Reading
 Have several people read off names to alleviate paper shuffling and sore
 Make sure the list of names is legible for the reading (excel spreadsheet
 Have flashlights handy for reading
 Have bottled water handy
 Start with the names in memory of and end with in honor of, it lightens the
mood and helps with transition back to the Relay activities.
Luminaria Art
 Utilize a set of bleachers to spell out a word of encouragement with
luminaria bags (i.e., HOPE, CURE, LIFE, FAITH, BELIEVE, FIGHT
The Ceremony
 Utilize “Hush Angels” to alert Participants of the upcoming Luminaria
Ceremony. “Hush Angels” are often times little boys and girls dressed as
angels in white robes with wings holding fans/signs with the words
“HUSH” on it. They walk around the entire track.
 If you have large number of names to read, possibly replace that moment
with a silent Memory Lap where everyone is invited to take a lap to find
their loved one.
 Utilize a large projector screen and show pictures of loved ones submitted
by friends and families.
Finishing the Ceremony
 Don’t jump right back into loud music or announcements. Give everyone
an opportunity to reflect by playing soft music
 Make multiple announcements at Relay about WHEN Participants may
take their Luminaria bags off the track and what they should do with the
sand and candles, glowsticks, or battery-operated lights.
Other Resources
 Refer to > Relay Library > Celebrate Remember Fight
Back section for more tips and examples of Luminaria Ceremony song
titles, scripts, and other great tips:
Relay Night Volunteers:
Where do you recruit night of Relay volunteers?
 High school/college clubs or organizations
 Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
 Church groups
 Community groups (i.e., Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions Club)
Delegation of Duties
 Arrange volunteers in assembly line at the Relay to handle the possibility
of high volume sales from visitors.
Table 1: Luminaria sales
Table 2: Program/list compilation
Table 3: Make Luminaria
 Have volunteers with flashlights in the stands where the public sits during
the ceremony when the lights are turned off.
 Have volunteers stationed around the track and in the stands to light bags
prior to ceremony.
 Allow participants to take their loved ones luminaria bag home with them.
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