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Press release
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Subject: variCAN
Edition: 03.13
variCAN control system from Elster Kromschröder combines fossil fuels and
renewable energy sources thanks to new process
Osnabrück/Frankfurt, 12 March 2013. By implementing a ground-breaking control system, Elster
Kromschröder has once again achieved an innovative system solution for energy-efficient heating,
ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The future-oriented technology of the new variCAN control
system combines fossil fuels and renewable energy sources in a smart solution. The customized
variCAN system allows adaption to specific consumer profiles and user requests and can thus be
applied to any individual situation as required since the standard modules, which are available for
areas of application such as heat pumps, solar systems, oil/gas boilers, cascades or buffers, can be
complemented and extended to meet individual requirements using customer-specific modules.
In its function as the central processing unit, the Smart controller has been adapted to meet the need
for increased comfort in the home. The declared aim for this product is to develop a device which
unites sustainable, functional and aesthetic aspects at the highest level of quality: the simple singledial operation allows for intuitive handling. The high-quality material ensures a long service life and
thanks to the clear-cut design, the appearance of the device appeals to a new generation of users.
The high-resolution colour display, which allows the user to adapt the Smart controller to the design of
their individual living space, particularly attracts attention.
When developing new systems, the focus is always on maximizing customer benefits. For this reason,
Elster Kromschröder attaches great importance to system integration. All components – from the basic
boiler control to the various system modules – can be included in the system thanks to a standardized
CANopen interface. The variCAN system thus also becomes part of the HAN (Home Area Network)
including app support.
As an experienced systems manufacturer, Elster Kromschröder is once again drawing upon its
performance leadership in the segment of control systems for energy management and energy use by
presenting the variCAN. The new development of the variCAN system technology does not mean that
the R&D department is resting on its laurels. Research and further development continues on the
product portfolio for tomorrow’s heating systems. The motto is as follows: let’s provide the energy
solutions of the future with smart systems. The current use of both renewable resources and fossil
fuels offers the opportunity of managing complex systems as efficiently as possible in a variety of
ways using appealing solutions.
Depending on the design, – e.g. for the control of heating systems which operate using both
renewable and conventional energies – a whole range of optimization options can be envisaged for
the future.
Elster Kromschröder is thus offering other new products and systems to complement the variCAN
 With the introduction of new components and other applications of the gas adaptive
combustion control system SCOT, more and more gas appliances function reliably using
different gas types. For the first time, newly developed processes and the corresponding
modules also allow oil burners to be infinitely modulated.
With the compact boiler control KM8, all the operating and control functions of a modern
heating boiler in accordance with future statutory regulations are available, whereby
environmentally friendly control of both modern gas and oil burners and modulating energy
saving pumps have been included.
With the burner control unit CM4, Elster Kromschröder has created compact modular systems
which are optimized both for gas adaptive SCOT systems and for modulating oil burners.
With the innovative and easy-to-use solar controller SG3, many applications for using thermal
solar energy for hot water and heating are possible.
 With the extremely compact room controller FB_OT, it is possible to save energy and to
control the heating system according to weather conditions, the time of day and the rooms you
wish to heat.
Elster Kromschröder will be presenting comprehensive information on the new variCAN control system
at the ISH in Frankfurt, Hall 10.2, Stand B71.
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