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Press release
Elster GmbH, Kromschröder
Christian Laake
Press release
File: K0513en_TR75
Subject: TR 75
Edition: 07.13
New indirect heating technology from ermaf for clean dry air in animal sheds
Lotte/Büren, 01.07.2013. Elster GmbH can now demonstrate successful practice trials with its
Thermorizer TR 75 of the ermaf brand. The innovative heater with a new heat exchanger concept
ensures even temperature distribution in an animal shed and operates independent of the room air. It
therefore works equally well both for animals kept in cages and those kept on the floor. The
temperature distribution beneficial to animal health is achieved by a swirl-free (laminar) air flow.
Repeated measurements carried out in the field confirm that the energy consumption of the new
device is significantly lower compared with direct heaters. The increased efficiency level of 98%
(compared to 91%) allows savings of up to 20% to be made. This means that the higher purchase
costs compared to a conventional heater will be amortized after a very short time. The system is
extremely easy to maintain and service and is also simply to clean and operate. Naturally, it can be
cleaned with high-pressure cleaners and is dust-proof.
Special mention must be made of the circulation fan’s intelligent, temperature-based control system.
The TR 75 can also be connected to a bus system and thus to an environmental control computer.
The operating parameters are documented via optical interfaces. The particular innovative character
of the Thermorizer TR 75 is the result of its new heat exchanger concept, the intelligent control system
and the high-quality finish of the stainless steel construction featuring components from brand
manufacturers. The powerful device helps to ensure that the animals develop perfectly while also
being economically viable and technically robust.
The Thermorizer TR 75 will be manufactured at the new plant in Stará Turá as from 2014. Here in the
northwest of Slovakia, Elster has invested in the very latest production systems which are designed to
comply with stringent quality standards. The plant has a floor area of over 20,000 m², providing
extensive production capacities to enable the company to react even more flexibly to current market
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