Kinsey Preschool Classroom Management Plan

Kinsey Preschool Classroom Management Plan
Student’s behavioral expectations are established at the
beginning of the school year using stories and examples.
Classroom rules are reviewed and posted for the children.
Classroom rules are as follows:
1. Follow Directions
2. Walk
3. Be Nice
4. Use Inside Voices
5. Share With Others
The preschool staff looks for desirable behaviors and verbally
reinforces those behaviors on a daily basis. (For example: “You
are a great listener. You followed my directions.”)
The following techniques are used to correct unacceptable
1. Staff member lightly touches child, gets child’s visual
attention, and states behavioral expectation.
2. Staff member may give physical prompt to facilitate
desired behavior, i.e., guides child to line up, etc.
3. Staff member may ask if child would prefer to comply with
stated request/expectations or sit in time out. (Child’s
request is honored and child is invited to rejoin group as
soon as behavior is acceptable and/or willingness to comply
with the behavioral expectation is evident.)
4. Child is immediately removed to a time-out chair/location if
behavior endangers or injures another child.
5. Parent is always notified if child behaves in an unusual (for
that child) or bizarre manner.