Hello, I am 12 year old Gradyn (Red or Momo) Rogers. I am going

I am 12 year old Gradyn (Red or Momo) Rogers. I am going into the 6th grade at Central
Middle School (The International Program) through Kokomo Schools. My story begins when I
was 3 years old and started having flu like symptoms along with bloody noses. The nightmare
started to show its ugly head on the same day the shuttle exploded on Feb. 1, 2003. I woke my
parents about 3 am that morning with a pillow saturated with bright red blood and an extremly
high fever. I also felt very tired. My parents knew whatever was afflicting me was much worse
than the flu. After my parents shortly there after spoke to the pediatrician was sent to the local
ER and then rushed to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. This is where we learned that
I had cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). This is where our 3 or so year battle with the
disease started. My parents said it turned our whole world upside-down and was extremely
devastating. I remember spending many days in the hospital undergoing treatment, shots, pain,
nausea, dizziness, and losing my hair. I completed my full treatment plan April 2006. I just had
to go periodically thereafter for evaluations. My parents remember Riley, The Little Red Door,
and the Leukemia Society helping us in many different ways. They helped us through this very
difficult time. God also deserves much credit for listening and answering many of our prayers.
Riley Hospital also gave me a bear who we called boo boo bear. This bear went through many
trying and difficult moments with me. Some ways people could help others with conditions like
me would be to donate your time and money to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help
with patient care and to find a cure for this disease. Some other ways you could help would be to
volunteer your time at the hospital, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, donate blood and
plasma, be placed on the bone morrow registry as well as many more opportunities. Please
consider in helping with this Pennies Program for LLS as it will help many patients and to find a
cure. Please help me on this venture to raise the most money and for Kokomo Schools to be at
the top of the list of the Pennies Program for LLS. The top school who raised the most will be
able to have a visit from the Indianapolis Colts Gary Bracket! What an awesome time! Thank
you for your support!
Gradyn R. Rogers, Honored Hero for LLS Representing the Kokomo Howard County Area
Age 12
Central Middle School International Program
Kokomo Center Schools
PS-Please Google me to read some of my newspaper articles about me and pics. :)
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