Printed name is recognizable

4’s Skills
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Skill Sheet
Printing Name
Children are so excited when they can print their name! We love to see
their confidence grow as they master this important milestone.
The “scribbling” your child did at two is an important precursor to printing.
The child must develop the motor skills necessary to control the pencil.
S/he must know that the written word has meaning. Then s/he is ready to
Many parents mistakenly teach their child to print in all caps. Kindergarten
teachers seem to take great offense at this! So at Heritage we encourage
the children to print their names with only the first letter capitalized. The
correct manuscript printing form for your child’s name is at the bottom of
this page.
As children begin to print their names, it is very common for letters to be
backwards, missing, out of sequence, upside down or even a perfect
mirror image (we couldn’t do it if we tried!). You can help your child by
always putting a green dot in the upper left hand corner of the page
(helps with learning left to right progression too) and telling him/her to start
at the green dot with the first letter. Any activity that helps develop fine
motor skills (cutting, play dough, legos) will help him/her to develop the
necessary muscle control for printing.
4’s Skills
Correct manuscript printing for your child’s name