Feedback – checking
The information you would expect on the cool room temperature check
sheet would include:
critical limits for temperature (cool rooms < 5°C, freezers <-18°C)
date and time that the temperature check was carried out
temperature of actual product in the cool room of the freezer
instruction on frequency of the check (the operator has checked
every two hours but there is nothing to indicate this is what is
required). The check sheet could refer to HACCP plan for checking
frequency, if necessary
signature of operator. In some cases, the check sheet may be signedoff or counter-signed by the shift supervisor/team leader, as well as
the operator
document control details including version and latest revision date
allowable space on the check sheet for the recording of any
corrective actions that may need to be documented. Ideally, check
sheets should also have a brief description or work instruction
describing the activities to be performed or refer to a separate work
instruction in the Food safety plan.
The check sheet should also be clearly labelled for easy identification.
Operators with low literacy levels may struggle to record written
information. If there are some recurring operator literacy problems, check
sheets can be designed with a series of numbered outcomes written on the
form. Instead of writing the records using words, the operator can record a
number. If a process requires specific measurements to be taken and it is
known that the process deviates within a given range, the recording section
of the check sheet may have this range listed in gradients of say 0.1 degrees
Celsius. The operator is then required to tick the box corresponding to the
number being recorded.
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Feedback – checking