To the parents of

Dear Honor/Pre-AP parents and students,
There are several requirements to remain in Pre-AP classes.
Honors/ Pre-AP placement requirements are as follows:
- A maintained C= (76%) average.
- Test averages scoring consistently above a 75%
- No missing assignments or late assignments
- A 95% attendance rate
- Positive citizenship of Satisfactory or Outstanding
If your child does not meet these aforementioned requirements,
they will be placed in general education classes on the first day of
the 2nd trimester. Students will receive a Parent/Student notice at
the time they are no longer meeting the Pre-AP requirements.
Notified students will have until the end of the trimester to meet
the above mentioned requirements before being removed from
Honors/Pre-AP and placed into general education classes. This
placement in general education will be permanent for the
remainder of seventh grade. The placement change is to create a
less stressful, more positive learning environment, where your
child can succeed and reach their academic potential. Please sign
and date this letter and return it to Mrs. Stroud as soon as
Mrs. Bjornstad, Mrs. Stroud, Mrs. Fiedler, and Mrs. Wynn
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