I joined the British Transport Police (BTP) in March 2005 after spending some years
working for ARRIVA PLC, a bus company. I had heard about Police Community
Support Officers in the Metropolitan Police service and was thrilled when I became one
of the early set of PCSO’S to join BTP. I am based at Kings Cross Station at the moment
but I have previously worked Euston Station.
I enjoy my role as a Community Support Officer because I get to help with detection and
prevention of crime and help vulnerable people by assuring their safety. I have been
involved in a lot of incidents over the past 6 years. Events of the 7/7 were a major
experience for me. Working long hours and lots of cancelled rest days, but it was
worthwhile protecting the community and reassuring the traveling public.
I have taken part in various operations such as Op Miami, Op Vigilant and recently Op
Deter. This involved a lot of traveling away from the Station, deterring crime in those
areas and reporting back any findings to the Sergeant in charge. Events like the Luton and
Notting Hill carnivals are mandatory for PCSO’S to take part in and has been of great
success over the years in keeping the station and traveling members of the public safe.
I assist people with concerns and issues they may have whilst traveling through the
station. I have also conducted numerous train patrols from KINGS CROSS to
PETERBOROUGH to prevent theft of luggage and personal property on trains in transit.
Also carried out crime prevention tasks e.g. property marking and giving out leaflets to
members of the public to make them aware of their surroundings, to prevent them from
being victims of crime. I patrol the Underground Station regularly and respond to
incidents as they arise.
In my spare time I do a lot of reading and work out on a regular basis.