Yr 4 Take Home Tasks Outer Cops (1)

Please encourage your child to complete at least one task from each section over the
term. Feel free to help them out and get involved in their learning!!
Design and Make – ART and DT
Make a police helmet, maybe using papier-mache or mod-roc.
Can you cook a meal fit for a criminal? Or for a police officer? Photograph
and write about this activity.
Design a new uniform for the police. It should be comfortable, functional
and eye-catching.
Imagine you were a Police artist-reporter. Draw/paint some of the scenes
you witness!
Research – History, Science and Literacy
Research the kinds of jobs people have to do at a crime scene
How are laws made? Research how new laws come into use in the UK. Can you
think of a new law we should have? Make a poster or write a report to
convince others it should be taken on.
Research Victorian crime and punishment- who were the famous figures
throughout this era?
Research what were the first electrical items to be used in the UK. Who
designed them? Can you present your findings using modern technology?
Who was Nelson Mandela? Why was he an important figure in South African
and World history?
Creative – Art and Literacy
Write a newspaper article about a crime that happens in a story that you
have read.
Make a gallery of family ‘mug shots’ or mix up features from different
family members to make a gallery of crazy ‘photo-fits’. What might they be
‘wanted’ for…under-cooking the potatoes; leaving the toilet seat up….?
Write a poem about a teacher who has committed a crime at school
Make a wanted poster of a member of your family – what crime might they
have committed?
Can you create a witness description of a famous person’s face for a police
profile sketch? Start with a photo of them and use your best descriptive
skills to write about each facial feature, including hair, complexion,
recognisable features etc.