3rd Grade Supply Lists 2014-2015

Here's our 3rd grade supply list.
Personal (please label with your child's name)
- a homework folder
- eraser for personal whiteboard (an old, clean sock works great!)
- rubber eraser
- waterproof, hooded jacket and old tennies (3rd grade is an ALL WEATHER grade and we go out
on fieldwork rain or shine!)
Shared supplies for the classroom (please DO NOT label with your child's name)
- 4 spiral notebooks, wide ruled, plain covers, less than 150 pages (one each in black, blue,
green, red)
- wide tip expo dry erase markers
- Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
- package of white, lined paper, wide ruled
- 1 ream white copy paper
- colored copy paper
- 1 pack of single color 11x17 construction paper
- box of tissue
- hand sanitizer
- antibacterial wipes
- 3x5 cards (white or colored)
- glue sticks
- band-aids
- package of HEALTHY, non-perishable snacks