TITLE: Searching for references to system definitions and switching

TITLE: Searching for references to system definitions and switching to a different
definition for objects
ABSTRACT: Sometimes it is difficult to remember where you have used a given
definition. In this use case you will learn how to find out what artifacts are associated
with a given system definition (e.g. data set definition, language definition, translator).
You will also practice re-associating a set of artifacts with a different definition in one
easy operation. Note also that before archiving a definition you can use this function to
ascertain what references would be broken by archiving, and then associate (refactor) to a
non-archived definition, thus ensuring referential integrity.
- Your RTC administrator has set up the server components required:
 RTC Jazz server installed and running
 Project area and user IDs (with minimal permissions needed) created (and an ID
given to you to use as a developer)
NOTE: Instructions to set up these server pieces is documented:
 https://jazz.net/wiki/bin/view/Main/DependencyBuildScenario
- You have existing system definitions in your project area and have associated some of
them with data sets in your Jazz SCM
- The Eclipse workspace is loaded from your repository workspace containing the
components that include the objects of interest
1. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click over a data set definition in the project
area and select 'References to'. (Note: if you have no data set definitions in your
project, you may find some in other projects in the repository.)
2. Examine the output in the search results viewer. Double-click on one of the result
items to open its properties.
3. Right-click over the data set definition in the results and select Re-reference... In
the resultant dialog specify a subset of objects to change, then identify a new data
set definition to associate with those objects. For instance you could change the
data set definition associated with a set of zFolders for a given project.
4. Test also with language definitions and translators.
5. Look for this functionality in the Search pulldown (System Definition Reference
Search). In the Search dialog tab note that you can identify which type of
definition you want to search on and limit the search based on a substring (try
using the asterisk wildcard too).
QUESTIONS (feel free to share your feedback as part of the beta!)
1. What did you LIKE about the functionality you worked with in this use case?
2. What did you NOT like?
3. Are there any additional, specific suggestions you have about how this
functionality can be improved?
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