HUM2250: Twentieth century Humanities

HUM2250: Twentieth century Humanities
Summer 2014 Term B
17 Introduction – Review Syllabus
Why Paris? The Birth of the Modern
19 Deconstructing Tradition: Picasso, Braque, Apollinaire, and Stravinsky
Modernism beyond Paris: German Expressionism. Alfred Stieglitz,
Advent of Film
24 WWI: Its Antecedents and Aftermath; Dada; Russia: Deconstructivism
and Revolution12 Wilfred Owen and the Poets of WWI
26 Freud And the Surrealists
Modernist Literature: Woolf, Joyce and the Stream-of-Conscious
3 Exam 1
5 Between the Wars: The Great Depression in America; Regionalism in
American writing; America’s Architect - Frank Lloyd Wright
Jazz Age: Watch Episode 3 of Jazz by Ken Burns. Answer sheet due at the
end of class.
8 Germany between the Wars – Rise of Fascism; Modernist Architecture
Degenerate Art
The Golden Age of Cinema: The Studio System and Wartime
10 WWII and the Holocaust
Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Existentialism
The New York School: Abstract Expressionism
Pop: The Art of Consumerism
15 In-class Writing Assignment
17 Exam 2
22 Student Presentations
24 Student Presentations
Final Exam: TUESDAY JULY 29 –Regular Class Time
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