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PO Box 2972
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
Fax :
(+1 809) 686 2804
(+1 809) 689 3388
French citizen
Fluent in French, Spanish and English
Ph.D. in Computer Science, from the University of Nice, France
International consultant, speaker and writer about Internet, ICT for
Development (ICT4D) and Information Society issues
Organizer and Trainer of ICT4D seminars
Manager of several regional ICT4D projects
12 years with IBM as Telecommunication Specialist
System Programmer, Architect, Product and Strategic Planner in La Gaude
(France) and RTP (US), Marketing for IBM Europe.
Videotex, messaging, switching and data communication systems.
24 years as an International Consultant specialized in ICT4D
Scientific Advisor for Union Latina, an International Organization.
Regional Projects Manager (REDALC, MULBRI, RCP, REDID, REHRED,
French Cooperation, FPH, AIF…
Founder and Head of international non profit organization: Foundation Networks
and Development (FUNREDES), a pioneer ICT4D NGO (1988)
Conceptual, yet field oriented profile
Entrepreneur and innovative personality with strategic vision
Skilled for cross-cultural communication / participative processes
Project definition and management, training & team leader skills
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Nice University,
(1970) - Mathematics and Physics (DUES)
(1971) - Computer and Business Management (Certificats)
(1971) - Probability and Statistics (Certificats)
(1972) - Computer Science Master (Maîtrise)
(1973) - Applied Mathematics Master (Licence & DEA)
(1975) - Computer Sciences Ph.D. (Doctorat de spécialité)
IBM Corp.
(1980) - Software Engineering (3 months in La Hulpe, Belgium)
(77-86) - Various seminars, averaging 4 weeks per year.
8/71 for 3 months,
IBM Lab., La Gaude, France, Personal Dept., as Master Internship,
- Personal management applications programmed in APL/360
8/73 for 19 months,
IBM Laboratory, La Gaude, Line Switching System Architecture Dept., as Ph.D.
- Architecture and Simulation work: "A Finite-State Machine Based Telephone Protocols
4/75 for 5 months,
CNRO, Cagnes sur mer, France (National Retirement Organization for Building
- Business application programming in IBM-370/OS assembly
- Design of an algorithm for compressing the 20 million items Data Base access keys.
10/75 for 1 year,
GENELEC, Cagnes sur mer, France, a regional branch of an APL based micro
computer vendor (SYSMO-MCM): Head of the branch.
11/76 for 6 months,
A+ Informatique, Cagnes sur mer, France, a software house for IBM/5100 and
IBM/32: Creator and Head.
Daniel Pimienta’s Resume Page 2/9
3/77 for 11 years, IBM La Gaude and RTP Labs
For the PBX IBM 1750: System Programmer and Architect.
- Development of the printer-keyboard attachment
- Performance studies (modeling call handling capacity)
- System Integrity control across the releases.
For an integrated voice/data switching project: Architect.
- Voice/Data Integrated Applications and Data & Network Administration
Including a two years international assignment in RTP Lab, North Carolina from 10/82 to
For Line Switching Special Products: Product and Market Planner
- Videotex (product definition and market forecasts).
For Data Communication Products: Market Planner
- T1/T3 lines, System Configuration Guide in APL
For IBM Europe Marketing Center: Strategic Marketing
- OSI and Videotex
4/86 for 6 months,
Unesco, Paris: Consultant in a sabbatical from IBM,
- Conception of a pilot project for Videotex in Dominican Republic.
1/88 for 5 years, Unión Latina, Santo Domingo:
Scientific Advisor & Head of REDALC Office
- Definition of a comprehensive regional project for Research Networks in Latin America
& the Caribbean (REDALC),
- Study of the Network Impact in Martinique and Guadeloupe (STAR/EU)
- EU funded 2 years feasibility study (includes field missions in 7 countries)
- Management of a team of 15
- Management of partnership with UNESCO
- Creation and moderation of several regional discussion lists
- Design of a high-level, PC based Interface to Research Networks (MULBRI),
- Establishment of methodological guidelines for Internet networks in the South.
- Negotiation with Telecom. Operators on behalf Research Networks.
In cooperation with other International Agencies (UNESCO, UNDP):
- Launching the Peruvian National Research Network (RCP)
- Launching and Operating the Dominican National Research Network (REDID)
- Launching and supporting the Haitian National Research Network (REHRED)
- Organizing user training workshops
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Starting 9/93, Foundation Networks and Development (FUNREDES):
FUNREDES is an International non-profit Organization specialized in Information &
Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) with a special focus on
appropriate methodologies and a research-action orientation.
 Designing of various projects oriented towards the Caribbean: CARITIN,
LA SALUD... (see: <http://funredes.org>)
 Consulting and training the team of the first Internet provider in D.R. (PASCI)
 Consulting networking activities in Haiti: REHRED, AUPELF, Soros
Foundation, RDDH/UNDP
 Internet Sensitization and Training workshops for decision-makers and users.
 Designing Internet information resources and consulting for third parties.
 Launching of FUNREDES Internet site: <funredes.org>.
 Conducting a study of the state of the art of Virtual University.
 Providing methodology and managing Multilingual Virtual Communities
 Starting coordination of the Observatory of linguistic and cultural diversity in
the Internet (see http://funredes.org/LC)
 Consulting on Internet regulation framework in Zimbabwe (for ITU).
 Coordination of MISTICA and OLISTICA projects, “Methodologies and Social
Impact of ICT in America”, funded by IDRC and FPH (see
http://funredes.org/mistica) and "Observatory of ICT Social Impact" (see
http://funredes.org/olistica), funded by IDRC – (1999-2007)
 Coordination of CARIBTIC project, “Caribbean: Integration, ICT and
Cooperation”, funded by French Cooperation - http://funredes.org/caribtic (2001).
 Coordination of SOCINFODO project of sensitization of Dominican civil society
on Information Society issues - http://socinfodo.org.do (2003)
 Coordination of a project of multi-stakeholder consultations for Dominican
national strategy for Information society, funded by UNDP and Indotel http://cmsi.funredes.org/inc/multistakeholder_es.htm (2003)
 Coordination of FUNREDES presence in WSIS: special event, round table,
ICT4D stand (see http://wsis.funredes.org)
 Coordination of partnering of FUNREDES in @LIS project I-Twinning (see
 Coordination of partnering of FUNREDES with Acceso and Grupo Redes in GKP
ICT4D LAC directory project (see http://gkplac.org/).
 Coordination of two regional workshops on the theme of cultural diversity for the
Caribbean Information Society http://cardicis.org- (2005-2011)
 Promoter of collaboration institution REDISTIC (see http://redistic.org)
Daniel Pimienta’s Resume Page 4/9
Consultant for US-AID for Colombian National Strategy of Information Society
in the frame of the restructuring of Communication Ministry. (2007-2008)
Consultant for European Union for the Evaluation of the @LIS Program. (2008)
Partner in Winds-Caribe project (http://winds-la.eu) (2007-2010)
Coordinator of the CARDICI3 project for Haiti – http://cardicis3.org (2010-2011)
Consultant for ITU for the writing of a chapter about linguistic diversity in the
World Telecom/ICT Development Report (2010)
Consultant for MAAYA/UNESCO/OIF/UNION LATINE for the definition and
consortium creation of an EU/FP7 Research proposal for the creation of indicators
of linguistic diversity on the Internet (see http://dilinet.org) (2010-2013)
Consultant for W3C for the writing of a chapter about languages and contents of a
book about “Making the web more effective for supporting economic and social
development”. (2011-2012)
Consultant for Biguine partners and Conseil Général of Martinique to support
Caribbean Disaster management project funded by Interreg (see
http://caribriskcluster.com) – 2012
Consultant for OIF for a study about French language in the Internet - 2013
Consultant for French Government for a study about the languages of France on
the Internet - 2013
Leading and motivating a team of up to 20 people, including employees, staff, interns and
Organization of 25 international conferences, workshops or international meetings.
Participation in some 200 international meetings including 120 presented conferences,
of which 20 keynote speeches, 30 expert meetings or workshops and 5 courses.
- Organization of various Workshops for Network Users Training (REDID, Caribbean
Rights/Barbados and Haiti, REHRED, AUPELF, SOROS/HAITI, ENDA Caribbean,
Colectivo Mujer y Salud, CARIBCAD, ITU/Zimbabwe, OXFAM/Barbados,
- Organization of International Conferences on ICT4D:
 REDALC International Workshop, Santo Domingo, 7/91,
 Network Users Training Workshop, Santo Domingo, 7/92,
 Haitian Network Workshops, Santo Domingo and Port au Prince, 5/93, 12/94
 CARIBCAD project, Santo Domingo, 11/97
 First, Second, Third and Fourth Regional Meeting on Social Impact of ICT in
LA&C, (Samaná, 4/99; Santo Domingo 3/01, Juan Dolio, 4/04 and 12/04).
 CARDICIS meetings, St Lucia, 8/04 & Juan Dolio 12/05
 CARDICIS3 meeting, Santo Domingo, 6/10
Daniel Pimienta’s Resume Page 5/9
- Organization and moderation of several electronic conferences: redalc@cnusc.fr,
salsa@funredes.org, haiti-l@reacciun.ve, caribuser@dhvx20.csudh.edu, caribcad,
civicus-alc, mistica, socinfodo, cardicis@funredes.org...
- Speaker or invited expert :
(3), EUROLATIS (5), European Union (4), Francophonie (6), GCNP(2), GULERPE, ICA
(2), IDRC (4), IFLA, IGF (3) , IIC, INRS, ITS, ISOC (3), ITU (2), LASA, OAS, OUI (3),
REDUC, TERENA, Three Spaces (3), UNDESA, UNDP, UNESCO (5), UN ICT Task
Force, Unión Latina, UNU, Visionarios, World Bank, WSIS (7),...
- Teaching Internet for Computer Science master in Santo Domingo as Professor of
Autonomous University (UASD) - 1997/98
- Virtual Professor for ITESM, Mexico, Ph.D. of Distance Education. 1997
- Professor Infocom Master in Université Antilles-Guyane in Martinique 2007-2009
- Professor Digital and Information Literacy in University UNIBE Santo Domingo
starting 2013
IFIP WG9.2 Namur Award 2008 (accorded every two years for an outstanding
contribution with international impact to the awareness of social implications of
information technology).
Member of Evaluation Boards of Journal of the American Society for Information
Science and Technology, Journal of Community Informatics, Journal of ICT and
Human Development
Member of “Champion Network” of UN Global Alliance for ICT Policies and
Development (http://www.un-gaid.org/)
Member of the Executive Committee of World Linguistic Diversity Network
MAAYA (http://maaya.org)
Member of the Foundation Board of Digital Solidarity Fund (http://dsf-fsn.org)
Member of WINDS-LA Advisory Board (http://winds-la.eu)
Coordinating member of expert group of Three Linguistic Space (http://3el.org)
National Expert for World Summit Award (http://www.wsis-award.org/).
Nominated in 2003 for the World Technology Award in Ethics category
Stockholm Challenge 2001 finalist for MISTICA project.
Member, for the Caribbean of expert committee of Agence International de la
Francophonie (http://www.francophonie.org/) for francophone virtual university
Daniel Pimienta’s Resume Page 6/9
Member of expert committee of Agence International de la Francophonie for the
World Summit of Information Society
Corresponding member of Art and science of Communication Academy of
Member of the steering committee of Global Community Network Partnership GCNP (http://globalcn.org)
Member of the steering committee of EUROLATIS, for Dominican Republic
Member of Information Ethic Network (http://icie.zkm.de/).
Member of ICT Watch Network (http://www.constellationw.com/)
A total of 73 publications, included 13 papers in books & 21 in scientific journals.
Almost all publications can be retrieved on line
"An Algorithm for Optimizing a Tree Development of a Strongly Connex Graph",
IBM Technical Report, 3/77.
"A Methodical Architectural Approach to the Coupling of PBX and DP Systems",
IBM Technical Report, 10/83
"Videotex y los países en vía de desarrollo", Revista de Informática, Listín Diario,
Santo Domingo, 6/86,
"Integrar la comunidad académica latinoamericana: un desafío para las redes
telemáticas", In "Calidad, Tecnología y Globalización en la Educación Superior
Latinoamericana", UNESCO/CRESALC, pp331-367, 7/92.
"The Peruvian Network", Internet Society News, Vol.1, No2, 92.
"The Dominican Network", Internet Society News, Vol.1, No3, 92.
"MULBRI, a State of the Art PC Based Interface to Research Networks", Proc. of
Conference EARN/RARE, Pisa, 11/92.
"La Comunicación Mediante Computadora: una esperanza para el sector
científico del tercer mundo: la experiencia REDALC en América Latina", Revista
Educación Superior y Sociedad, Vol.11, No 2, Cresalc/Unesco, Caracas, 12/92.
"Research Network in Developing Countries: Not Exactly the Same Story!" Proc.
of Internet Society Conference, San Francisco, 8/93.
Daniel Pimienta’s Resume Page 7/9
"Plan for the Haitian Network", Matrix News, 8/93.
"Mutual Benefit/Respect Relationship between Telecom Operators and Research
Networks: an Asset for the South Development", Proc. of International Telecom.
Society Conference, Sevilla, 6/96.
“Web conferencing systems are not providing virtual communities with
proactivity: some methodology is required!”, INET99 Poster session, June 1999.
"The MISTICA Project: Social and Collaborative Work with the Internet",
International Information and Library Review", 12/01.
"Lengua Española y Culturas Hispánicas en la Internet: Comparación con el inglés
y el francés", Proc. del II Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española,
Valladolid,16-19 de octubre de 2001.
"Quel espace reste-t-il dans l’Internet, hors la langue anglaise et la culture made in
USA?", Les Cahiers du Numériques, Vol 2 – No 3/4 Hermès, Numéro spécial sur
la fracture numérique, 2001.
“The EMEC Methodology (Efficient Management of Multilingual Electronic
Conferences) Knowledge Management in a Latin American Virtual Community”,
in Novática, revista de la Asociación de Técnicos en Informática de España, (en
español); and in Upgrade, Digital Journal of Council of European Professional
Informatics Societies, Vol 3 N1, 2/2002.
PREPCOM/WSIS, ITU, Geneva, Civil Society Open Statement, 7/2002.
“OLISTICA: Hacia donde ve el Observatorio Latinoamericano del Impacto Social
de las TIC en Acción.”, Proc. del Segundo Taller de Indicadores de Sociedad de la
Información, RICYT, Lisboa, 27-28 de febrero 2003.
”La Cumbre Mundial de la Sociedad de la Información vista desde el terreno:
entramos en la ronda o criticamos desde afuera?”, Boletín "Políticas Públicas y
Derechos en Internet de APC”, No4, 11/2002.
Comite editorial y articulos en el libro "Otro lado de la brecha: Perspectivas
Latinoamericanas y del Caribe ante la CMSI”,2003 (http://redistic.org)
Key note Speech on "Multi-stakeholders and Participative Democracy" in Fifth
Caribbean Ministerial Consultation on e.government, Barbados, 6/2004.
At the Boundaries of Ethics and Cultures: Virtual Communities as an Open Ended
Process Carrying the Will for Social Change (the "MISTICA" experience) in
Capurro, R. & al. (Eds.) 2005. Localizing the Internet. Ethical Issues in
Intercultural Perspective. Schriftenreihe des ICIE Bd. 4, München: Fink Verlag
Daniel Pimienta’s Resume Page 8/9
Measuring Linguistic Diversity on the Internet, in UNESCO, 2005
Co-coordinator of the collective multilingual book “Word Matters: Multicultural
perspectives on Information Societies”, 2005, C&F Editions
“Digital divide, social divide, paradigmatic divide”, First edition of Journal of ICT
and Human Development, 2009
“Twelve years of measuring language diversity in the Internet: balance and
perspectives.”, 2009 , Unesco.
Chapter “Language and content” in “Accelerating Development Using the Web:
Empowering Poor and Marginalized Populations”, G. Sadowsky, ed., W3C, 2012
Member of Scientific Committee and author in “NET.LANG: Towards a
multilingual cyberspace”, C&F Editions, 2012 - http://net-lang.net/lang_en
Jean Céa, ISI, Sofia-Antipolis, France
Etienne Gorog, IBM Europe, La Gaude, France
Sam Lanfranco, York University, Canada
Gustavo Lopez Ospina, UNESCO, Paris, France
Jean-Pierre Malengé, UIT, Nice, France
Didier Oillo, UVF, Paris, France
Daniel Prado, Union Latine, Paris, France
Pietro Sicuro, OIF, Brussels, Belgium
Jean-François Soupizet, EU, DGINFSO, Brussels, Belgium
Raul Zambrano, UNDP, New York, USA
Born in Casablanca (Morocco), Sept. 12th 1950
Married, father of David, born 10/95
Lived in Casablanca, Nice, Chapel Hill (NC) and Santo Domingo
Enjoy fishing and cooking
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