Early signs of overdose.

Heroin Overdose Alert
3 people have died in Ireland as result of heroin overdose in the last few days, one was in North Dublin
City. These deaths and other overdoses are suspected to have been from a batch heroin with a higher
potency than the street ‘heroin’ generally available. (8/10/2012)
Additional attention should be paid to some harm reduction advice that staff, volunteers and injecting
drug users should be reminded of:
Remember - Taking Drugs Is Always A Risk
Don’t Use Heroin
Don’t Inject Heroin (Smoking or Snorting are alternatives)
Never Inject Alone
Keep the Dose Low
Avoid mixing drugs
Avoid mixing drugs and alcohol
Keep Emergency Medical Contacts Details to Hand
Early Signs of Overdose
Shallow Breathing
Pinpoint Pupils
Bluish Skin, Fingernails and/or Lips
Weak Pulse
Low Blood Pressure
Cold/Clammy Skin
Dry Mouth
Tongue Discoloration
Stomach Spasms
Muscle Spasms/Rigid Muscles
If signs of overdose are seen contact Emergency services immediately.