Possible Topics for FRQs on Quiz: Chapter 13

Possible Topics for FRQs on Quiz: Chapter 13.
(Three out of the following topics will be included in the quiz. You will
be asked to select ONE out of the three).
1. Compare and contrast the chief ideas of the Christian
humanists and early church reformers with the ideas of the
leaders of the Protestant Reformation.
2. Explain differences in beliefs and practices of various
Protestant movements and the impact of those differences on
how Protestantism developed in various parts of Europe.
3. What measures were undertaken by the Catholic Church to
reform itself and combat Protestantism. Assess the
effectiveness of those reforms and measures.
4. How did the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic
Counterreformation affect social life in Europe, especially in the
areas of gender roles and education?
5. Analyze the impact of the religious split in Western Europe on
political developments within European states as well as
between major European countries.