AMSCO Chapter 15 Review Questions

Chapter 15 Review Questions
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Directions:‚Äč Answer each of the following questions as completely as possible by using your own
words. You should look to your textbook for guidance when answering these questions.
1. What were three causes of the Protestant Reformation that began in Europe in the 16th century?
2. What were the three major things the Christian Church did in an attempt to curb the progress of the
Protestant Reformation? Explain each of the three in detail.
3. What were the major results of the Thirty Years’ War?
4. What was the divine right of the monarchy? In which countries did this theory seem to prevail during
this period? In which countries did this theory seem to fail?
5. Compare the views on government of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. Who would tend to support
absolute government and who would tend to support a more democratic government?
6. Why was the Peace of Utrecht significant in European politics?
7. What were joint-stock companies? What role did they play in the Indian Ocean Trade?
8. List and explain the significance of at least three technological advancements that helped aid European
exploration and expansion during this period.
9. What were trading post empires? How did these trading post empires attempt to control areas? How
successful were these trading post empires during this period?
10. What was the Commercial Revolution? List and explain four causes of this revolution.
1. Compare the Protestant Reformation to the Schism in Christianity that occurred in 1054 C.E. and to the
split that occurred in Islam in 632 C.E.
2. Discuss the similarities and differences between constitutional government and absolute government.
3. Compare a mercantilist view of the economy with Adam Smith’s view of how an economy should be
structured and function.