Name: Period: Comprehension Check English Roots, Reformation

Comprehension Check English Roots, Reformation & the French & Indian Wars
Please indicate with a star which questions you were able to answer without notes or other help.
What important document did King John sign in 1215 which protected the rights of the nobles?
List two rights protected in the document.
What is the name given to the medieval conceptualization of society in which the King is closer to God than his subjects?
What would be an advantage of such a system?
How was feudalism a system of social contracts?
How did the Crusades indirectly help to end feudalism?
Name the German Monk who started the Protestant Reformation:
How did he survive after criticizing the Catholic Church when most of predecessors did not?
Name the Protestant Reformer who more heavily influenced the Puritans:
What would be a disadvantage?
10. Why did members of the Puritan faith seem so compelled to demonstrate both their high morals and economic achievements?
11. How did the Protestant Reformation contribute to our Civil Rights?
12. Describe a social, religious, and economic reason for the Native American tendency to ally themselves with the French?
13. List the three wars between the French and English that preceded the French and Indian War?
14. List two puzzling and two greatly disturbing tactics of Native American warfare:
15. Where did the first fighting of the French & Indian War occur?
16. Why did the fighting start there?
17. Who started the war?
18. List two frustrations the English felt towards their American cousins during the F & I War?
19. Who was the British leader whose strategies help to win the war?
20. Why did the American colonists find the Proclamation of 1763 to be so galling?
21. What is meant by Salutary Neglect?
22. Why did the end of the F & I War mark the end of Salutary Neglect?