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Book Talk Planning Sheet
Use this sheet to plan what you will rewrite into final script. Use complete sentences!
1. Title:
2. Author:
3. Attention getting sentence to open with: ex. Have you ever read a book that you
couldn’t put down? (Title) is that kind of book! (Think of what interests your peers.)
4. Genre: what kind of book is it? (Fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, realistic
fiction set in recent time, etc.)
5. Summary of the plot: What are the 3 main things that happen in the book? Write 2
sentences on each main event, for a total of 6 sentences. (If you do an oral book
talk, don’t give away how the book turns out!)
 One:
6. Opinion: Why you liked the book (and maybe mention the best part of the book, if
that doesn’t give anything away.)
7. Pick three of the discussion topics below to talk about your book.
• Did the book engage you? How did you feel while reading it? (sad, happy, amused,
couldn't put it down, scared, wanting to solve the mystery etc)
• Choose a character(s) -Describe him/her & how (s)he changed during the book ; Why
did you admire or dislike the character? ; How is the character in the book like you or
different from you in their actions or character traits?
• Explain why the plot/story interested /or bored you. What did you think of the ending
and why? (Predictable, satisfying, unrealistic?)
• What was the message/theme of this book? How is it relevant to you?
• How did the book's setting/time period contribute to the story? If the book was
historical, is it still relevant today? Do you think it accurately portrays the time or place
it was set in?-(why or why not?)
• What do you think happened to the characters after the book ended? (What makes
you think this?)
• How does it compare to other books by this author?
• How does it compare to other books in this genre?
8. Closing sentence: (make it a clincher that wraps everything up and motivates the
listener to read the book)
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