Hands-On Networking Fundamentals
Chapter 5 Solutions
Answers to the Chapter 5 Review Questions
Your network contains a hub that enables you to gather network performance information. This is
an example of a(n) __________________.
Answer: b. intelligent hub
The partition light is displayed on a switch used on your office network and none of the users are
currently able to use the network. What should you do first?
Answer: c. Push the reset button on the switch.
Which of the following are accomplished by the spanning tree algorithm? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: b. Ensure frames are not transmitted in an endless loop. and d. Forward frames along the
most efficient route.
Your network currently uses four workgroup hubs and five workgroup switches. Now that you
have a new budget that includes money for network upgrades, which of the following would be a
good approach to help speed up your network? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. Replace the hubs with switches.
You have purchased a new router. When you implement it on your network, which routing
protocol would you use on the router to ensure the most efficient router communications?
Answer: d. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol
You are purchasing a cable modem for your home office and the cable company offers you two
choices: a DOCSIS 1.0 cable modem or a DOCSIS 1.1 cable modem. The DOCSIS 1.0 modem is
offered at half price. Because you handle medical records over the Internet for a physicians’
group, what choice should you make?
Answer: b. Purchase the DOCSIS 1.1 cable modem because it is faster and offers data encryption
for security.
What switching method offers the most thorough error checking?
Answer: c. store-and-forward switching
Which type of hub amplifies the data-carrying signal on a token ring network?
Answer: a. active
Your new network assistant has turned off the use of BPDUs on the bridges in an older part of
your network as a means to reduce network traffic. What is your response?
Answer: a. Turn the use of BPDUs back on, because bridges learn about each other by using this
10. You want to set up a device as a firewall between your Internet connection and the workgroup
switches on your network. Which device offers the most advantage for this application?
Answer: d. a router
11. You have determined that there is network congestion caused by the portion of your organization’s
network that is used by research engineers. What device can help you reduce the congestion
between the research engineers’ network and the rest of the organization’s network?
Answer: d. a router
12. Your organization needs to provide WAN connectivity for ISDN and T-3 access as well as
modems for remote users. Which of the following devices might you purchase for all three types
of services?
Answer: c. an access server
13. There is a regular copper telephone line into your home office. Which of the following could be
used to provide Internet access over that telephone line? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. an analog modem and c. DSL
14. A(n) __________________ operates at the Data Link layer. (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. bridge and b. Layer 2 switch
15. You are consulting for a European business that has a token ring network. Which of the following
cable and devices linking computers can you expect to find on that network? (Choose all that
Answer: a. lobe cables, b. MAUs, c. CAUs, and d. patch cables
16. On a computer with a modem, the transfer speed of the computer is called the
Answer: a. data terminal equipment communications rate
17. A source-route bridge is used on a(n) ______________ network and enables
Answer: b. token ring, routing
18. The IT director in your company prefers that the routing tables are manually set up by a network
administrator. This practice is called _____________________.
Answer: d. static routing
19. Your enthusiastic office assistant found some irresistible sales while you were on vacation and
purchased a couple of routers, nine switches, five active CAU hubs, and two source-route bridges
for your school’s Ethernet network. Which devices will you likely use on your network? (Choose
all that apply.)
Answer: a. the routers and b. the switches
20. A colleague at a competing business designed a network that seems to have all kinds of
communications problems, such as nodes that frequently disconnect and portions of the network
with very slow response. Which of the following might your colleague have forgotten when
designing the network?
Answer: b. to determine which ports on network devices have repeater functions