1.Today*s data transmission speeds are measured in

1.Today’s data transmission speeds are measured in
____Bps___, Kbps, ____Mbps____, and ____Gbps____ .
2. A(n) ________cable modem , _______ connects a personal computer
to a cable-TV system that offers an internet
3. A space station that transmits data as microwaves is a
__communication satellite______ .
4. A company that connects you through your communications
line to its server, which connects you to the
internet, is a(n) _Internet Service Provider_______ .
5. A rectangular area on the computer screen that contains
a document or displays an activity is called a(n)
__window______ .
6. _____Flaming___ is writing an online message that uses derogatory,
obscene, or inappropriate language.
7. A(n) __Web browser_____ is software that enables users to view
web pages and to jump from one page to another.
8. A computer with a domain name is called a(n) ___web server ____.
9. _____HTTP__ comprises the communications rules that
allow browsers to connect with web servers.
10. A(n) __plug-in______ is a program that adds a specific feature
to a browser, allowing it to play or view certain files.
11. Unsolicited email in the form of advertising or chain letters
is known as ___spam_____ .
12. The expression of how much data—text, voice, video,
and so on—can be sent through a communications
channel in a given amount of time is known as _Bandwidth_______
13. A(n) __Uniform resource Locator UR)_____ is a string of characters that points to a
specific piece of information somewhere on the web.
14. Some websites may leave files on your hard disk that
contain information such as your name, password, and
preferences; they are called ___Cookies_____ .
16. The kind of spyware that can record each character you
type and transmit that information to someone else on
the internet, making it possible for strangers to learn
your passwords and other information, is key loggers
Multiple-Choice Questions
1. Kbps means how many bits per second?
a. 1 billion
b. 1 thousand
c. 1 million
d. 1 hundred
e. 1 trillion
2. A location on the internet is called a
a. network.
b. user ID.
c. domain.
d. browser.
e. web.
3. In the email address [email protected],
Kim_ Lee is the
a. domain.
b. URL.
c. site.
d. user ID.
e. location.
4. Which of the following is not one of the four components
of a URL?
a. web protocol
b. name of the web server
c. name of the browser
d. name of the directory on the web server
e. name of the file within the directory
5. Which of the following is the fastest method of data
b. DSL
c. modem
d. T1 line
e. cable modem
7. Which protocol is used to retrieve email messages from
the server to your computer?
a. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)
b. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
c. POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3)
d. POP (point of presence)
8.Who owns the internet?
a. Microsoft
b. IBM
c. Apple
d. U.S. government
e. No one owns the internet; the components that
make up the Internet are owned and shared by
thousands of public and private
9. Each time you connect to your ISP, it will assign your
computer a new address called a(n)
a. domain.
b. IP address.
c. plug-in.
d. POP.
e. URL (Universal Resource Locator).
11. Which of the following is not a protocol?
b. IE
True/False Questions
F 1. POP3 is used for sending email, and SMTP is used
for retrieving email.
F 2. A dial-up modem is an ISP (internet service provider).
F 4. All computer communications use the same
F 5. A T1 line is the slowest but cheapest form of
internet connection.
F 6. A dynamic IP address gives you faster internet
access than a static IP address does.
T7. A bookmark lets you return to a favorite website
F 10. Hypertext refers to text presented with very
large letters.
Short-Answer Questions
1. Name three methods of data transmission that are
faster than a regular modem connection.
DSL, T1, cable modem
2. What does log on mean?
Making a connection to a remote computer
Briefly define bandwidth. .4
is an expression of how much data – text, voice, video, and so on – can be sent through a
communication channel in a given amount of time.
5. Many web documents are “linked.” What does that
It means that web documents or web pages may contain links which are words or phrases that points
to other web documents. Clicking on these links allow to be connected to these pointed web documents.
Compare and contrast a cable modem service to a DSL .6
DSL: Fast download, always on, higher security; uploads faster that cable; users can talk and can transmit
data at the same time. Needs to be close to phone company switching station, limited choice of service
providers, supports only a single user.
Cable modem : Fast, always on, most popular broadband type of connection, can support many users;
downloads faster than DSL, users can talk on phone and transmit data at the same time.Slower service during
high traffic times, vulnerability to outside intrusion, limited choice of service providers, not always available to
9. Briefly explain what TCP/IP does.
Protocol that enables all computers to use data transmitted on the internet by determining (1) the type of error
checking to be used, (2) the data compression method,if any, (3) how the sending device will indicate that it
has finished sending a message, and (4) how the receiving device will indicate that it has received a message.
TCP/IP breaks data into packets, which are the largest blocks of data that can be sent across the internet
(less than 1,500 characters, or 128kilobytes). IP is used to send the packets across to their final destination,
and TCP is used to reassemble the packets in the correct order
1 1. What’s the difference between a dynamic IP address
and a static IP address?
Each time you connect to your ISP, the ISP will assign your computer a new IP address, called a dynamic IP
address. When you disconnect, your ISP frees up the IP address you were using and reassigns it to another
Static IP address is a fixed IP address reserved and assigned to a given computer or user for all its internet
sessions. The static IP address , when assigned to a given computer/user cannot be reassigned to another
computer/user .
What is B2B commerce? .11
the electronic sale or exchange of goods and services directly between companies,
cutting out traditional intermediaries. B2B commerce covers an extremely broad
range of activities, such as supplier-to-buyer display of inventories, provision of
wholesale price lists, and sales of closed-out items and used materials—usually
without agents, brokers, or other third parties
15. List and briefly describe three kinds of spyware
Adware, or pop-up generators, is a kind
of spyware that tracks web surfing or online buying so that marketers
send you targeted and unsolicited pop-up and other ads
Browser hijackers, which change settings in your browser without
your knowledge, often changing your browser’s home page and
replacing it with another web page
search hijackers, which intercept
your legitimate search requests made to real search engines and return
results from phony search services designed to send you to sites they