GUIDELINES: Endangered Species Project

Cause and Effect Project
Endangered Species
Reading/Language Arts
LA. 7. 1.7.4
I will identify cause/effect relationships in what I read.
I will use a graphic organizer to represent the cause/effect relationship
I know possible causes for a species to become threatened, endangered, or extinct.
I know that a brief change in the limited resources of an ecosystem may alter the size of a
population or the average size of individual organisms and that long-term change may result in
the elimination of animal and plant populations inhabiting the Earth.
SC 2.3.4.
I understand that humans are a part of an ecosystem and their activities may deliberately or
inadvertently alter the equilibrium in ecosystems.
Information and Media Literacy
select a topic, develop a prioritized search plan, and apply evaluative criteria (e.g., relevance,
objectivity, scope of content in print and online sources) to select appropriate resources for
write an informational report that includes a focused topic, appropriate facts and relevant
details, a logical sequence, a concluding statement, and a list of sources used;
Assignment Guidelines:
 You will research ONE endangered animal/species of your choice.
 You will find out the following information about the animal/species (see info in the box)
 You will create a brochure, a pamphlet, a poster, a newspaper advertisement (full page), OR
PowerPoint presentation to share your information.
 You will write either a BIOPOEM or an ACROSTIC poem about your endangered animal.
 You will present your findings to the class upon completion of this assignment.
Vital Statistics
Name, genus, species , family
Type of Habitat
Country/Countries of Origin
History, facts, Statistics
Include 5 interesting/important facts about the
endangered species that you selected.
Causes of endangerment
Effects of endangerment
Create a cause/effect diagram to show the
causes and effects of endangerment
Laws regarding your animal/protection
Organizations that help save the species
Name, website, address, phone number
What the organization does to help the species
GLOSSARY: identify at 3-5 new words that are
related to your endangered species and define
Cause and Effect Project
Endangered Species
On one part/section of your product, you will:
Create a WANTED AD in the POV of your animal
 Searching for a better habitat (specific to your animal)
 What you want to happen to save yourself (as the animal)
 Draw a picture or use a photo/printed from internet.
BIBLIOGRAPHY—In one section of your final product, you will make a list of EVERY one of the
sources you used to complete your research.
NOTE: For every website you use, you must read one actual book –Nonfiction or reference book
(4 websites=4 books and/or articles)
Some helpful websites:
See bottom of page for Related Files I have added