Alternative Analysis

______________________________________________________________________________ Keller Engineers, Inc.
There are three alternatives for this project which include the no build, reconstruct on new
alignment and reconstruct on existing alignment.
No Build
The no build option would result in this bridge remaining open. Traffic will cause continuing
deterioration towards the structure eventually warranting posting and eventually closure forcing
the residents in the area to use alternate routes. There is no cost to the Township or Department
for this option. However, nearby residents who travel this route will need to travel longer
distances to get around this closure. This option does not meet the project purpose and need.
Reconstruct on New Alignment
Reconstructing the bridge on a new alignment is the selected alternative. This option would
involve an alignment shift to the upstream side and require approximately 500 ft of roadway
approach construction. Shifting the alignment to the upstream side would create the need for a
much larger structure span (125 ft) due to the existing stream alignment on the upstream and
downstream side. However, the safety of this roadway in this area would be greatly improved
due to the increased site distance and improved geometry. Shifting the alignment upstream
would require moderate right-of-way takes and create the need for additional fill material to be
placed. However, this option does not impact any cultural resources, agricultural resources,
wetlands, archeological sites, or any other environmental resources as a result of this project.
The only impact for this option would be a minor impact to the natural habitat in the area of new
construction. This option meets the project purpose and need. The cost for this option is
approximately $2,200,000.
Reconstruct on Existing Alignment
Reconstructing the bridge on the existing alignment requires minimal right-of-way take and
causes the least possible amount of impact to the surrounding natural habitat and properties.
However, the safety of the existing alignment is compromised by lack of site distance and
substandard geometric conditions. This option requires approximately 300 ft of roadway
approach reconstruction and the construction of a new bridge structure approximately 85 ft in
length. No significant environmental impacts are anticipated with this option. However, this
option does not meet the project purpose and need. The cost for this option is approximately