Geometric and Organic Abstract
Submitted by Laura Caldwell
Objective—Students will create an abstract design using geometric and organic
shapes and warm and cool colors.
Art Vocabulary—shape, geometric, organic, warm colors, cool colors, neutral tones,
overlapping, abstract
Materials needed:
a. White drawing paper
b. Card stock (two 3x3” squares per student)
c. Scissors
d. Colored pencils
Hook—Have students brainstorm items that are normally thought to be hot or warm.
Ask them what colors those items are normally. Then have students brainstorm items
that are normally thought to be cold or cool and ask them what color those items
normally are. Explain about warm and cool colors.
a. Review the geometric and organic shapes with the students.
b. Explain the difference between warm, cool and neutral colors.
c. Pass out the card stock and have the students draw an organic shape on one card
and a geometric shape on the other. Cut the shapes out.
d. The students will trace the geometric and organic shapes onto their drawing
paper. They should be sure to overlap some of the shapes. They will need to use
at least 11 shapes in their design.
e. After the students have traced all of their shapes, they will begin coloring with
colored pencils. The geometric shapes should be in cool colors, the organic
shapes should be in warm colors, and the overlapped areas should be colored in
neutral tones.
Closure—Ask students to brainstorm shapes that are normally seen in warm colors.
Ask them to brainstorm shapes that are normally seen in cool colors.
Diagnostic Questions
a. Were the students able to successfully overlap a geometric and an organic shape
to create a design?
b. Did the color the correct shapes in the correct colors? Were they able to create a
pleasing design?
TEKS—117.32c1B “Analyze and form and generalizations about the
interdependence of the art elements such as color, texture, form, line, space and value
and principles such as emphasis, pattern, rhythm, balance, proportion, and unity,
using art vocabulary appropriately.”