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Reproductive Systems Worksheet
Name: _____________________________
DIRECTIONS: Put the letter of each word next to the correct definition of the word.
1. ____ The System of organs involved in producing offspring
a. Cervix
2. ____ The male reproductive cells
b. Endometrium
3. ____ The male sex hormone
c. Erection
4. ____ Two small glands that produce sperm
d. Ejaculation
5. ____ An external skin sac
e. Fallopian Tubes
6. ____ A tube-shaped organ that extends from the trunk of the body just above
the testes
7. ____ When blood flow to the penis increases, it becomes enlarged and erect
8. ____ A thick fluid containing sperm and other secretions from the male
reproductive system
9. ____ The height of sexual arousal, a series of muscular contractions and
releasing of semen
10. ____ The joining of a male sperm cell and a female egg cell
g. Menstruation
h. Ova
k. Penis
Reproductive systems
11. ____ Female Reproductive cells
m. Semen
12. ____ A hollow, muscular, pear-shaped organ inside a female’s body
n. Sperm
13. ____ The female sex glands that store the ova and produce female sex
14. ____ The process of releasing a mature ovum into the fallopian tube each
o. Scrotum
p. Testes
q. Testosterone
15. ____ A pair of tubes with fingerlike projections that draw in the ovum
16. ____ A muscular, elastic passageway that extends from the uterus to the
outside of body
s. Vagina
17. ____ The fertilization of an egg by a sperm produces a cell called
18. ____ Thickened lining of the uterus
19. ____ The opening to the uterus
20. ____ The shedding of the uterine lining
Reproductive Systems Worksheet
DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blanks.
21. The outside parts of the male reproductive system are the penis and the
22. A female has three openings: the _________________ in the front, the
_________________ in the middle (where the blood comes out during her period) and
the anus in the back.
23. Sperm are made in the testicles. They are stored for 2-3 months in the
_________________ and then they travel through the __________________ and the
urethra, which leads out of the penis.
24. The semen is made up of sperm and liquids. The liquids are produced by the
_________________, the _________________, and the _________________.
25. In both males and females, urine is stored in the _________________ and leaves the
body through the urethra.
26. A baby grows for 40 weeks in the _________________.
27. The scrotum is the sac that holds the _________________.
28. The parts of the body that protect the urethra and the vagina are called
29. When an egg cell leaves the _________________, it travels through the
_________________ on its way to the uterus.
30. The opening of the uterus into the vagina is called the _________________.