Book – A –Ween! On Thursday, October 24th, LaVergne Lake

Book – A –Ween!
On Thursday, October 24th, LaVergne Lake Elementary will be
celebrating a 6 year tradition – Book-A-Ween. Book-A-Ween is a day
where students read a book about their favorite character, make a
costume based on that character, dress up as that character from
the book, and then parade around the school. The purpose of this
activity is to celebrate books, reading, and favorite characters from
To prepare for this day, we are asking that you begin to think about a
character that your child would like to be for the day. This should be
a character from a book and should be a costume that you and your
child create together. Be creative in your costume and your
character! We ask that the character be based on a book – not a
movie or TV show. We also ask that you MAKE the costume using
materials around the home – not a store bought Halloween costume.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
Some examples of characters might be – The Cat in the Hat, Corduroy, Jack or Annie from the
Magic Treehouse, Miss Spider, and the list goes on and on!