Request for Approval Part II

Request for Approval (Part II) – Clinical Associate Professor
PROMOTION TO or APPOINTMENT AS Clinical Associate Professor:
Clinical Associate Professor: Appointment or promotion to the rank of Clinical Associate
Professor requires 1) a long-standing commitment to and excellence as a medical educator,
demonstrated by participation in clinical teaching, lectures, and/or formal courses at a minimum
of 50 hours per year; and 2) a local reputation for delivering very high quality clinical care.
Contributions in other areas of academic scholarship, medical administration, and community
service are especially welcome. Usually, after ten years of laudatory service as Clinical Assistant
Professor, promotion to Clinical Associate Professor can be considered. Exceptional
achievements, such as scholarly contributions to the literature, national distinctions or unusual
educational or administrative service, may justify accelerated promotion to Clinical Associate
Professional References:
Persons to be contacted for letters of recommendation (enter information below): A minimum of
five professional references must be provided. Complete names, academic rank, name of
institution, mailing and email address must be provided for each reference. A maximum of three
may be from the candidate’s home institution and may be any academic rank. The remaining two
references must be from different institutions and may not be affiliated with the University of
Pennsylvania or the candidate’s base institution and must be at the same or higher rank for which
the candidate is being proposed.